Feeding mostly on contemporary art, The Bubblist is a platform that is running since 2013 through three (very) different cities (Brussels – Tel Aviv – London) by your one and only me (Eva). I’m a big sucker for culture in all its forms, and I recently decided to go back to basics and share with you everything (or everyone) I’m hearted about. I have a lust for aesthetic, humans, cinema, music, food, new cities, literature, and I’m planning on sharing all that with you. Yes You.

Why The Bubblist? I started this project when I left Brussels for Tel Aviv, aka the bubble, so I thought why not? Also in French “Buller” means doing nothing, and I like to think that most of my important cultural encounters happened when I was lazing around in bed (reading), in a car (listening to music or radio), on a sofa (watching films), in a classroom (listening), on a beach (talking), at a table (eating), or wandering randomly in a museum or an art gallery.

For contacts & inquiries please shout me an email at


Logo by Michal Boröwski.

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  1. Just discovered your blog and so loving it! As a born-and-raised Tel Avivian (who currently lives in Vienna) I enjoy “visiting” home through your blog!

  2. Au top ce nouveau format, le site est magnifiiiiiique (à prononcer Cristina style), et qui meilleur que toi pour partager ses coups de coeur culture? Nobody.

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