It’s been few months since I posted my last “sustainable & minimalist journal“, and so much has happened since that I thought that it was about time to give you some updates. First change, I decided to call it “conscious & minimalist journal” from now on. Conscious not only in regard of the planet I’m living on, or of the people surrounding me, but conscious of me as well. The same “me”who changed a lot since my last journal, as I became a mother. I’m still me, with a melted ego, an estranged body, and my baby’s needs as a priority. Overflowing joy, loneliness, swelling heart, tears, pain sometimes , deep deep love, that’s from all of these feelings that my first 3 months of being a mother were made of (you could add milk, boobs, poop, and a lot of rocking back and forth but it would be less poetic right?).

Being a mom made me (even) more aware and conscious of the world we are living in, and I noticed that all the changes in my daily life were imposing themselves quiet naturally after I had Elie. Reusable cup, less plastic, pescetarian (cooking everyday strictly vegetarian or vegan at home though), for the first time ever I didn’t buy anything during the sales, regularly decluttering and giving away what we don’t use anymore, buying second hand, and you know why? It feels damn good! The best feeling ever I get it from people who enter our flat and tell me that it feels breathy and minimal while still being cosy. Same with baby stuffs, everything is blending in perfectly, and we are very happy so far with our minimalist approach to parenting. Filtering the surplus and the noise to focus on what’s essential (education, cuddles, feeding, sleeping, psychomotor development etc.), and to “let her be” in a space that is not crowded and overstimulating. I’m taking side notes to share with you an article on minimal parenting in few months as I’m a true believer that it’s important to schedule less , plan less, entertain less, buy less and let the kid be. Giving them keys to be more independent, encouraging them to solve problems on their own, to innovate, and to be happy sound like a good plan to me.

Credit: Alexandria Coe

Going back to decluttering and minimalism. Unlike the rest of the world I found the Marie Kondo show on Netflix extremely boring, I read her book a while back and it’s far more interesting as she is not only giving you good tips to tidying up your place but is also drawing a parallel between wellbeing and a more organised / minimalist house. I don’t think that rolling your clothes and throwing all your stuffs will give you a happy life, but I personally found quiet satisfying to own/have less things in my life. It’s simply less things I have to care for, worried for, and see everyday.

I’m still learning everyday on those topics, and seeking for inspiration is really helpful so I wanted to share with you some cool podcasts to listen to:

Conscious Chatter

A Mindful Mess

Spirit of 608

The Slow Home Podcast

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Cover pic: @hyungdo__
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3 replies on “Lifestyle – Conscious & Minimalist Journal #3

  1. Que ce soit ici ou sur ton compte Instagram je tenais à te dire que tu m’inspire énormément et que j’apprends toujours plein de choses grâce à toi.

    Une lectrice du nord de la France.


  2. Eva I live reading you!! I relate so much to the melted ego, motherhood takes your ego away ! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    Much love,


  3. Can’t wait for your post about Minimalist parenting, it’s a subject I’m really interested in as I’m expecting my first baby.

    I discovered your blog through Instagram and I’m reading all your posts!

    Have a great Sunday.


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