You don’t often have the opportunity in your life to say “this year forever changed me”. 2018 was a roller coaster, the best kind of roller coaster.

Despite the challenges that life likes to throw your way, the forever long warm summer, and few extra kilos (still not talking in pounds), this year was so special. Not only because I became Elie’s mom (even though it probably triggered all the following), but also because I’ve learned a lot about new ways of living, letting go of bad habits, being more conscious about my impact on this planet, being more mindful in general, introducing minimalism in our house, and accepting who I am with all my flaws and qualities. You can read more about it in the blog’s lifestyle section here.


I also started to write on the blog after a long year break, and it felt really good to enjoy working on The Bubblist again . I finally found a good pace, I love balancing art and lifestyle articles, I’m also finally accepting collaborations something I didn’t allowed myself to do for a very long time, and more than everything else I’m super grateful for the small community that we created around this platform and my Instagram account. I’ve met a lot of very cool inspiring people this year, artists, designers, business women,moms, people from the tech industry, but also people who are dedicating their time to help others and who are trying to make this lonely planet a better place.

I also need to talk a bit about art and culture, as this is why I started this blog. Art is my best companion, not only because it opened me many doors,taught me so much about myself and about life, entertained me, kept me sane and happy during challenging times, but mainly because it pushes and gathers people together. This year I read a lot about the impact of art and culture during periods of conflict, about the power and influence of art on people living with a mental illness, and I was wondering how in 2018 we don’t value more the benefits that art can bring in people’s lives. Why not taking more time for art instead of shopping? Instead of browsing on our phones? Why are we not slowing down to look at a painting for few minutes when we can?  I think that art has its own time and rhythm, it asked us to be patient, to reflect, to look at ourselves from another angle , and all these things can be challenging for a lot of people.


I saw some amazing exhibitions this year, it definitely uplift you, and I can’t even picture a life without art. I didn’t write any artist profile this year, and not much exhibition reviews either but I’m planning to do more of those next year which will hopefully introduce you to new artists and motivate some of you to push art galleries doors more often.

I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming year. Spending few months off work to be with my daughter is a real chance, and I’m planning to enjoy every bits of it. It also allows me to focus on personal projects,like the blog and Instagram, but also on finally taking a big leap of faith and finally hitting the entrepreneurial road with my dear friend Céline and start our very own little business. This project will reflect our aim to live a more sustainable and minimalist life (she is much better than me at this by the way) and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The final weeks of the year offer a chance to exhale slowly, to let go, enjoy some quality time with friends and family. May we all pause to finally get some rest and clarity. I wish you all an inspiring and creative new year. Plenty of health, love for yourself and for others, exhibitions, and a more mindful life.


Don’t forget to join me on Instagram (@the_bubblist) to follow my art visits and daily updates.

Copyrights: All pictures are mine. Wearing Mezaya Baby Sling.


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2 replies on “Living with intention

  1. I’m getting curious about this project you are talking about… 🙂. It’s great that you find the energy and time to write on your blog while being a new mom, big up for that!

    1. Thank you! I was blessed with a good sleeper (so far at least) so I manage to squeeze some time here and then to keep my projects and the blog going without pressuring myself at all (during growth spurts some days can be though and just getting dress is a challenge haha). Looking forward to share that project with you, hope you will like it 🙂

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