Except if you are fully living off the grid (which is great if you do by the way), you may have noticed the increase of #selfcare posts on social media. People sharing their “feel good” moments is not something new, but people being more and more open about mental illnesses and wellbeing in general is a fairly recent phenomenon.

Self-care can be anything , from a relaxing bubble bath to therapy, but it is definitely something everyone can benefit from. The important part, if you feel that your problems are more deeply rooted, is to not fool yourself into thinking that a little pampering or practising hot yoga will keep you away from burning out. It’s a whole mindset, and something that you need to commit to. Conscious living, in my opinion, also means caring for yourself, taking the time to create spaces and moments where you can do something that will give you some self-restoration and time to think and reflect. There is nothing selfish about it, quiet the opposite, as you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Recently I was asked why I do like art so much. My answer was that it was not about liking art per se, but that it was for me a way to understand the world I’m living in and to connect with other human’s visions and thoughts. I don’t need to aesthetically like a piece of art to appreciate and learn something from it. What I’m looking for when I go to a museum or an exhibition is to reflect. Reflect on what I see, but also on myself (did you ever spent more than 10 minutes looking at a Rothko painting? Try next time you can, and let me know how do feel after). There is something very cathartic with art if you allow yourself to really experience it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 07.40.07

Why am I talking about art? Because I realised recently that it was part of my self-care routine. Going out to visit exhibitions and museums, keeping myself educated, discovering new works and new artists, reflecting, sharing with people about it, is something that gives me balance. Even though I always enjoy some company, I prefer to do those visits alone as I consider them as “me time” and just enjoyed them more when I’m not distracted and follow my own pace. Art makes me feel relaxed, engaged, and has the power to push my stress away.

Creating is also a powerful tool when it comes to self-care. Not all of us were graced with some kind of artistic talent, but you don’t need to be the next Matisse or Cartier-Bresson to create something meaningful to you and to others. Painting, writing, taking pictures, developing a new recipe, or simply entering a museum will bring you more self -knowledge that you could wish for as it allows you to turn into yourself and discover what’s in there.

Be mindful, take time, create space, learn to say no, disconnect when you can, and enjoy a good exhibition from time to time.

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