It’s been an eternity since I sat down, and wrote something for the blog (bad blogger alert). I’ve been pretty much traveling non-stop since the beginning of June, and I wanted to enjoy every bits of it and stay as far away as possible from my laptop. Experiencing everything to the fullest has been my motto for the last couple of months, from the mountains in Réunion Island and Paris’s cafés, to Tokyo’s amazing energy and creativity. Travel makes one modest – said Flaubert and more humble and curious (says me). I wanted to grab everything I could from all those trips, landscapes, smells, tastes, culture, traditions, history, people, everything. 

Tokyo has been an incredible experience for me (despite the heavy heat), as you may have seen on my Instagram. I felt lucky to simply be able to walk down the streets, and look around. I was staying in Shibuya only few steps away from its famous crossing (which I highly recommend not only because it’s cool and full of life, but because it’s a central location and you can easily go everywhere from this point), and I felt like walking into a giant beating heart. I could go on for hours about Tokyo, its architecture, its street food, its art and design scene, its fashion (it’s THE mecca for any street wear aficionado), its fish markets (and beautiful industrial harbour), and its people of course, but I decided to share with you (only) five spots that I particularly loved.

You were many asking me how I found all the places I visited, and my answer was always the same: locals (I work a lot with Japanese brands and designers so they gave me great recommendations), Wallpaper City Guide, and random explorations. I walk a lot, I’m convinced that it’s the best way to discover a city and come across hidden gems.

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Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience

I really could describe my time at Sakurai as the best tea experience I ever had. Located on the 5th floor of the Spiral Building in Aoyama (the view is on point), Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience is a little intimate heaven for tea and interior design lovers. The space made from copper, stones, and dark timbers includes a small tea shop on the front, a roasting room, and a Sabo tea house that can only welcome 8 guests. The menu is unique, offering innovative teas, cocktails, and sweets, and served by professionals who take the time to guide you through the whole experience. Trying matcha there was a dream. It’s a must go while in Tokyo.

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Yaeca Home Store

Located in a quiet (and lovely) residential neighbourhood , Yaeca Home Store is not easy to find as it is located in a nondescript house.  When you enter the two-storey residence, you are welcomed with a freshly brewed tea and I can’t help myself to think that Japanese retail experience is completely different that what we have in Europe. Half way between a home and a shop, Yaeca met en scène the furnitures, designs, and lifestyle items that are for sale in the way you would display them in your own place. That’s what we call a curated shop (can I please live there?). From 50’s French furnitures by René Herbst, to artworks, fashion, and homemade baked goodies (please enter the kitchen and try one of their biscuit), Yaeca is a true experience. The plus? The staff is friendly and will make you feel like home.

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Credits: The Bubblist

Credits:The Bubblist

Shozo Coffee Shop

One morning while I was on my way to go for an ice latte at Blue Bottle Coffee in Minamiaoyama street I passed the cutest little coffee shop I ever seen : Shozo Coffee Shop. It was closed so I decided to come back the day after and I was not disappointed. Located in a tiny wooden hut with a little garden/sitting area on the front, I found not only the coffee to be delicious but some peace and quiet not too far away from the vibrant Shibuya. Don’t miss it if you are in Tokyo.


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Independent bookshop, publisher, and gallery space, POST is located in the quiet backstreets of Ebisu (Shibuya) not too far from many cool furniture and design stores like Pacific Furniture Service (an interior design heaven). Their specificity? They try to present only one publisher’s publications at a time, which allows you to discover the uniqueness of a publishing company. Their art book selection is very impressive,  you can find rare publications. On the back you have a nice exhibition space. If you are into art and design, you can’t miss Post.

Credits: POST


Our Favourite Shop

Located in a renovated factory in a quiet and green  residential area in Shirokanedai, Our Favourite Shop is a sophisticated treasure for design, lifestyle, and fashion lovers. The store is a collaboration between three local leading lifestyle professionals specialised in design and fashion, which you can really tell by the incredible look of the place but also by all the little details that makes this place one the best curated concept store I ever visited. Art, craft, fashion, food and much more in a unique spot, what can you ask for? Oh yeah, and they welcome you with a delicious ice tea because why not.


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6 replies on “Japan Travelogue : 5 Places To Visit While In Tokyo

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post since I saw that you travelled to Tokyo. You are such a stylish traveller, i’m jealous. I will keep all these addresses for my trip in November. Hi from Berlin!

  2. Je suis tellement jalouse. J’ai suivit tout ton voyage sur Instagram (story) et tu m’as vraiment fait voyager et donner envie de visiter Tokyo alors qu’à priori ca ne me disais pas grand chose. Au plaisir.

  3. I went to Sakurai few months ago and I can confirm that this was the best tea experience I ever had. The place is beautiful and peaceful, the staff was very good as well.

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