There is a lot to see in London this month. A lot. Spring seems to always be an interesting season for contemporary art, the ideas of renewal and regrowth associated with that time of the year must somehow have inspired the galleries. While the parks are slowly blooming, the city is bursting with openings and new shows. Put on your walking shoes people.

I’ve picked up for you 5 must see exhibitions, feel free to share with us your top recommendations for this month in the comment section.

A L R E A D Y    O N    V I E W

Courtesy of Lisson Gallery

Anish Kapoor at Lisson Gallery

Lisson Gallery is celebrating 50 years of working with artists and making exhibitions. As it is a pretty big milestone, the gallery will feature exhibitions by some of their most iconic artists through the year. This month they are presenting their sixteenth show with British artist Anish Kapoor, which will include new large-scale silicone “paintings” and work on paper :”The show explores the affective nature of painting from the multiple perspectives of Kapoor’s varied working practice. His works evince overlapping dimensions, at once image and object, illusion and representation, substance and skin, surface and depth.

When : Until May 6th// Address 67 Lisson Street , London  NW1 5DA

Photo: Thierry Bal

Secundino Hernández “Paso” at Victoria Miro

I’ve never seen Hernández’s paintings in the flesh, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Spanish artist mostly known for his large scale abstract painting and his interesting (and contrasting) use of colour. He will be showing his work across Victoria Miro‘s London locations (Mayfair and Wharf Road): “Meaning ‘step’, the exhibition title, Paso, refers to a series of movements through abstraction and figuration. At Wharf Road, Hernández is showing abstract paintings that continue his investigation into gesture and form while extending the innovative techniques of accumulation and removal for which he has become widely known.

When : Untill May 6th // Address :16 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW

O P E N I N G   T H I S   M O N T H

Capture d_écran 2017-04-04 à 15.09.40
Courtesy of Almine Rech Gallery

Ryoji Ikeda “π, e, ø” at Almine Rech

Ryoji Ikeda is both a sound and visual artist. Born in Japan but currently living in Paris, Ikeda is a master at creating strong immersive installations and performances, this is the exhibition I’m the most excited about this month and I’m really pleased to see that Almine Rech Gallery is opening its program to installation art :”Japan’s leading electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda focuses on the essential characteristics of sound itself and that of visuals as light by means of both mathematical precision and aesthetics. Ikeda has gained a reputation as a unique artist working across both visual and sonic media.

When : Opening on Ap. 6// Address Grosvenor Hill, Broadbent House, W1K 3JH London

Capture d_écran 2017-04-04 à 15.25.56
Courtesy of Pace Gallery

Richard Tuttle “The Critical Edge” at Pace Gallery

It’s been a while since we had an exhibition dedicated to a textile artist. Pace Gallery will present a selection of seven new works by American artist Richard Tuttle who has been exploring the notions of space and dimensions for many years now through his work. Colourful and abstract, the artist is inviting his audience for a moment of contemplation :” A collector of textiles from around the world, Tuttle has focused and expanded his knowledge beyond his collection to understanding the intrinsic qualities of the material. The Critical Edge features a series of seven recent works assembled from layers of vibrant fabric purchased in New York and Maine. Sewn by hand and with a sewing machine, the combined cloths incorporate wood and nails.

When : Opening on Ap. 13// Address 6 Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3ET

Photo by Edward Quinn

Picasso “Minotaurs and Matadors at Gagosian

“If all the ways I have been along were marked on a map and joined up with a line, it might represent a Minotaur.” No need to present Pablo Picasso anymore, Gagosian Gallery in partnership with Picasso’s grandson, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso and Picasso’s biographer Sir John Richardson is presenting a series of paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, and a home movie made by Picasso in 1929 highlighting the artist fascination for the mythological figure of the minotaur  and for the corridas.

When : Opening on Ap. 28// Address 20 Grosvenor Hill, London W1K 3QD

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Cover Picture: Ryoji Ikeda installation.

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  1. Planning to see it all 😉 There is also Geta Bratescu opening this week at the Camden Art center. I’m volunteering there and it looks very promising.

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