I’m always sharing my favourites spots in London here and there with my friends, on social media (mostly Instagram), by email and direct messages with my readers, so I thought that it was about time to share them here with you. I’m a sucker when it comes to recommend places to people, it’s like sharing a secret or giving a little part of yourself.

My recommendations are never casual, I will (modestly) define them as “bespoke” or tailored made and I’m always excited to hear people’s feedback. Since I left Tel Aviv, I’m literally living vicariously through my friends visiting the country and using my famous Telavivian list. Most of the places I’ve listed here are places I’m going to on a regular basis, I think it’s important to try a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a shop few times before settling for good (except if it was love at first sight obviously).

Consider this post as a Part I., more articles on this topic will follow as I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many addresses in one go. Let the fun begin!

Credit – The Bubblist

Artisan Coffe

Without a doubt my favourite West London coffee shop. Artisan Coffee has few locations in London, but the only one I know is Stamford Brook. Super cute spot, computer friendly, large selection of coffees (killer ice latte), and delicious treats. They don’t do Matcha (yet), but their vegan pumpkin pie is compensating for it. Their little plus? Super sweet staff.

Credit – The Bubblist

Conservatory Archives

A little piece of green heaven in East London. Located in Hackney Conservatory Archives, which was co-founded by horticulturist Jin Ahn and Giacomo Plazzotta,is a plant store home to an impressive collection of house plants and a sanctuary for any indoor gardener looking for advices from true specialists. Their little plus? The decor. A real urban jungle.

Credit – The Bubblist

Barber & Parlour

My go to spot in London for any occasion. Barber & Parlour, which is part of the Soho House group, has delicious healthy breakfast, brunch, lunch, apéro, cocktails, perfect to meet with friends, for a date, or to work. Did I mention that there is an Electric Cinema in the basement and a cool nail salon aka Cheeky Parlour on the first floor? Their little plus? Friendly staff, yummy matcha, and comfy sofas.

Credit – The Bubblist

Barbican Centre

I was planning not to add any arty venues, but I love going to Barbican just to hang out. If you like Brutalism architecture, this spot is for you. They have a big outdoor area with sittings, fountains and a great view on the city. On Sunday you can visit their conservatory, it’s a beautiful spot filled with plants and threes. Their little plus? The Barbican shop, they have cool stationery, books, and design items.

Credit – The Bubblist

Brooklyn Coffee

Located on Commercial St. few steps away from buzzing Brick Lane, Brooklyn Coffee is the perfect minimalist coffee shop. I love how simple and cool is this spot completely dedicated to coffee, less is more right? This summer they served me the best Ice Latte I had in London so far, so just for that they deserve to be forever on the top of my list. Their little plus? Sipping your coffee on their little wooden bench outside on a sunny day is a treat.

Credit – Shopikon

Artwords Bookshop

I used to live two minutes away from Artwords Bookshop (Rivengton St. location), and I still come all the way from Kensington to get my magazines (The Happy Reader, The Gentlewoman to just name a few) and art/design/photography/fashion/critical theory books. They have a second location in Hackney as well. Their little plus? Amazing magazine selection.

Part II will come next month, in the meantime don’t forget to join me on Instagram @the_bubblist for daily recommendations.

Cover Picture Credit : Conservatory Archives

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23 replies on “Lifestyle- My Favourite (non arty) places in London Part.I

  1. Super article! Plein de tips à se garder sous le coude pour notre prochain City trip. Merci. La bise de Chambéry!

  2. Can I live at Conservatory Archives?!?! This place looks absolutely heavenly, I will stop by soon. Thanks for the discoveries, can’t wait for part 2.

  3. Brooklyn Coffee rocks, these peeps really care about good quality stuff. I wish they would open a more central location.

    1. Uuummm je ne connais pas super bien Camden mais j’ai testé The coffee Jar et c’était pas mal. Je te conseille de suivre londoncoffeeshops sur IG pour plein de bon plans Coffee houses à Londres.

  4. Ça change des guides habituels sur Londres qui sont souvent super clichés. Hâte de lire la seconde partie. Bon weekend!

  5. Every time you post about Artisan Coffee on Instagram I’m like damn I have to go try this place out! I think it will be this weekend with the hubby and the baby boy. Enjoy today!

  6. J’ai testé Barber & Parlour il y a deux semaines en suivant tes conseils et on a adoré avec mes copines. On était bien calé dans un canapé avec un brunch de folie, Big Love. Merci pour tes insider tips 🙂 Kim

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