Most of the time the Winter break, aka les vacances de Noël, is synonymous with family time, food overdose, overrated Christmas markets, and painful hangovers (ca c’était avant, ou presque), but it is also a good opportunity to take some time to catch up with anything culture related (or watching for the billion time Home Alone in your PJs).

As I’m heading to Brussels in few days, I’m sharing with you five things to do in the city over the Christmas break that don’t involve drinking hot wine and watching “La grande vadrouille” on tv. If you are still looking for inspiration for your Christmas/Hanukkah shopping, make sure to check my 22 Gift Ideas For An Arty Christmas.

Courtesy of Bozar

Congo Art Works at Bozar

Made in collaboration with the Royal Museum for Central Africa and curated by Bambi Ceuppens (anthropologist) and Sammy Baloji (artist), the exhibition is focusing on Congolese popular paintings from 1968-2012 : “Portraits, landscapes and allegorical paintings alternate with urban scenes, historical figures and critical reflections on religion, politics and social problems. Humour is never far away.” In my opinion, contemporary art from Africa is under represented in European galleries and museums, so I’m curious to see how the show was curated and presented by Bozar.

When : Until January 22 // Address : 23 Rue Ravensteinstraat,1000 Brussel


Showcase No. 1 by Sketch My Mind

The label Sketch My Mind is back for a new exhibition, presenting once again a series of limited editions by 22 emerging and established artists. Each work is screen print on a 100% cotton paper, signed, numbered (from 1 to 30) and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. A perfect occasion to discover new talents, and get your own piece of affordable art.

When : Opening Dec. 22// Address : 18 Rue des Bogards, 1000 Brussels


Be Film Festival

No need to present the Be Film Festival anymore, which became in 11 years a true institution of Belgian cinema and an unmissable rendez-vous in the capital. This new edition will present 45 films (10 of them are previews), but also an exhibition, talks and meetings with  film crews, music, and some workshops. Make sure to plan a visit.

When : Opening Dec. 22// Address : Different locations to check here.


Decor at Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain

Curated by Tino Sehgal, Dorothea von Hantelmann and Asad Raza, “Decor” focuses on the decorative function of art which was dominating in western societies before the modern era: “With the inception of modernity around 1800, the idea of a decorative artwork became a contradiction in terms. Painting was separated from architecture and became autonomous, thereby abandoning decoration as its primary function. Historically, this was the end of the decorative and integrated aesthetic object and the advent of the modern idea of the work of art.” I’ve only heard good things about this exhibition, and it is also a perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover the beautiful Villa Empain.

When : Until January 29// Address : 67 B Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Brussels

Annie Hall by Woody Allen

Cycle “Love Is All You Need” at Cinematek

I don’t see any better way to start 2017 than with a cycle dedicated to some of the most iconic love/romantic films of all time. From “Casablanca” (Michael Curtiz) to “In The Mood For Love” (Wong Kar-wai), the Cinematek will present about 30 films over two months.

When : From January 2// Address9 rue Baron Horta, 1000 Brussels

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Cover picture : Courtesy of Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain

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11 replies on “Culture – 5 Things To Do In Brussels In December

  1. “that don’t involve drinking hot wine and watching “La grande vadrouille” on tv.” You cracked me up haha it’s always on bloody TV over Christmas !

  2. Toujours des “tips” au top! Je pense jamais à la cinémathèque et la je sens que je vais bien me faire plaisir avec cette programmation de l’amour. Merci.

  3. Je découvre votre blog ce soir avec cet article partagé par un ami, et j’en suis conquise ! Enfin du culturel, et une alternative à l’overdose ambiante de blogs sponsorisés par des marques. Bravo à vous

  4. Maman j’ai raté l’avion pour toujours haha tu m’as fait rire. J’ai beaucoup aimé l’expo peinture à Bozar que je recommande également. Pour ma part hâte de découvrir quelques films au Be Festival.

  5. Trop bien le cycle love is all you need à la Cinémathèque. Je vais enfin voir Romeo + Juliette sur grand écran 🙂

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