Quality over quantity. That’s my new motto when it comes to art (and other things duh). I used to go see everything, hoping that one day I might change my mind on some artists or art galleries acclaimed and loved by so many people, but let’s face it’s just not happening. Since I came to the conclusion that my tastes in art were probably set for life, I decided to go see a bit less exhibitions and focus on what is really attracting me.

This month I pick-up for you three very different exhibitions and a series of screening at the ICA that you must see in London. As usual, feel free to share with us your own recommendations.

Photo: Happy Price  Courtesy of the Ken Price Studio
Photo: Happy Price – Courtesy of the Ken Price Studio

Ken Price “A Survey of Sculptures and Drawings” at Hauser & Wirth

If like me you are interested in ceramic in contemporary art, you must go discover or rediscover the work of the American artist/ceramist Ken Price at Hauser & Wirth Gallery. His practice spread over 50 years, redefining the contemporary sculpture process, and bringing a very innovative vision to life : “Finding inspiration in sources diverse as the Bauhaus, Japanese ceramics, classic Southwestern pottery, jazz music and counter cultures of the 1960s, he developed a unique contemporary language; his oeuvre revelled in psychedelic colour, biomorphic form and erotic innuendo.

When : Opening on Dec. 8th // Address23 Savile Row,London W1S 2ET

Courtesy of Margaux Valengin.
Courtesy of Margaux Valengin

Group Show “The World’s Mine Oyster” by Free Spirit & Galerie Nicolas Hugo

For its debut exhibition in London, Galerie Nicolas Hugo  has decided to partner up with photographer and Free Spirit founder Rosie Osborne to present”The World’s Mine Oyster”, a new pop-up show featuring the works of Margaux Valengin, Jonathan Lux, Todd Bienvenu, Sandra Blow, Théo Haggai, and Kimia Ferdowski Kline : “Expanse, opportunity and discovery. These are the feelings evoked by the phrase, ‘the world’s your oyster’. It implies unapologetic trailblazing, risk being rewarded and daring, childlike freedom.” Read more about the exhibition here.

When : Opening on Dec. 8th // Address133 Bethnal Green Road – London E2 7DG

Courtesy of Serpentine Gallery
Courtesy of Serpentine Gallery

Lucy Raven “Edge of Tomorrow” at Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine Gallery is presenting the first UK exhibition of American artist Lucy Raven: “Lucy Raven’s work focuses on the marginal spaces at the edges of image production, what happens behind the camera or between the frames of a film or animation.” Alongside her exhibition the artist programmed a series of screening in different locations. A must go.

When : Opening on Dec. 8th // AddressKensington Gardens, London W2 3XA

Courtesy of ICA
Courtesy of ICA

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne “The Unknown Girl “at ICA

Two time Palme d’Or winners in Cannes, the Dardenne brothers and their “social” cinema keep highlighting  the lives of everyday people. I was very happy to see that the ICA was showing their latest film The Unknown Girl on December 9 as well as The Child on December 18. Read their full program here.

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7 replies on “Art Guide – 3 Exhibitions & A Film To See In London This December

  1. Lucy Raven is amazing, I can’t wait to see the exhibition. Did you see Rauschenberg at Tate, it’s really good.

  2. You always pick up interesting things to see, definitely a curated art guide. Well done as usual. Are you back to Brussels soon?

  3. J’avais beaucoup aimé le travail de Margaux Valentin lors de votre exposition à Bruxelles, ses nouveaux travaux ont l’air incroyables. Bien à vous, Carole

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