Dear Santa…Well, despite its strong commercial aspect Christmas remains a perfect occasion to gather the family around a table and spoiled your loved one (within your means of course). I must say that I hesitated a bit before starting to work on this article, as I’m really tired of all these blogs that became massive advertising website “selling” constantly to their readers the latest must have cosmetics, clothes, or “lifestyle” products while pretending they are sharing their passion for beauty or fashion.

Can they at least own the fact that they became massive billboards? Do they know that you can share your passion without encouraging consumption continually? We end-up scrolling through our Instagram feed and just see littles clones, like that time the Maje bag (you know the one with the little fringes) came out and EVERYONE bought it because the brand was smart enough to send it to plenty of online influencers. Fortunately the “blogosphere” is also filled with ethical and sincerely passionate people that you can’t easily buy.

I think you’ve got my point, now let’s talk gifts idea for the culture and art lovers out there.  I tried to mostly select gifts that I would like myself , there is one for everyone taste (and budget ). I hope that you will find some inspiration in my selection. Also note that concert, exhibition, or theatre tickets are always a good idea, sometime an experience is better than anything that you can own.

If you don’t want to scroll down through the whole list, simply click here to access my mood board.


£12.99 – Available on Tate Online Shop

capture-decran-2016-11-27-a-11-05-53£250.00 – Henri Matisse Blue Nude (portfolio) – Available on Tate Online Shop


 €20.00 – Available on Almine Rech Gallery Online Shop


£2.50 – Available on the National Gallery Online Shop


£65.00 – Available on Wallpaper Store


$1080.00 – Guy Yanai “Sailing Into Town” – Available on Yundler Brondino Verlag Store


€150.00 – Laetitia Bica “Be Where You Are” – Available on Sketch My Mind


€20.90 – Disponible sur le site de la FNAC
Approx. €12.00 – Notebooks – Available at Merci (Paris) and on Amazon
£70.00 – David Hockney “A Bigger Splash  Available on Tate Online Shop

€44.90 – Available on Centre Pompidou Online Shop


Now £32.00 (12 issues) on WHSmith


€24.90 – DVD available on Centre Pompidou Online Shop


£20.00 – Matisse “The Snail” (exhibition print)- Available on Tate Online Shop


£8.99 – Tracey Emin Notebbok – Available on Whitechapel Gallery Online Shop


€26.00 –   Guerilla Girls – ‘The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist’ – Available on Cdlt. Gallery Online Shop


£14.99 – Available on Tate Online Shop


Starting £8.00 – Subscription to The Happy Reader


£9.98 – Available on Amazon


€9.60 – Abonnement (formule intégrale) aux Inrocks


€12.00 –   Porte-clés New Math par Craig Damrauer- Available on Cdlt. Gallery Online Shop


£30.00 (100 gr.) – Available on Taiki Tea Online Shop

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19 replies on “Lifestyle – 22 Gift Ideas For An Arty Christmas

  1. Trop bonne idée je veux absolument tout haha! Et je partage ton avis sur les blogggeeeuuuseeeeessss, ça devient limite indécent comme si tout passait par la consommation.

  2. L’ arabe du futur est vraiment génial, les trois albums super cadeau pour les fêtes. Moi je testerai bien le matcha 🙂

  3. Ca change vraiment des wish lists qu’on voit partout, tu m’as inspiré pour les fêtes 😉 Par contre je suis déçue même pas un petit cd de rap!

  4. Fan de ta sélection, plein de bonnes idées. J’imagine que tu y ajouterai bien Cyborg la non? Bon week-end 🙂

    1. Haha Martin passerais tu trop de temps sur mon InstaStory? Cyborg est déjà sur Spotify et si il n’est pas en dessous du sympa je me l’offrirais en physique dès mon retour à Bruxelles 😉 Merci pour les compliments 😉

      1. Haha amour partagé pour le Fennec 😉 L’album est incroyable, un bac to basics avec des bons vieux samples comme on les aime.

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