After seeing Richard Serra‘s exhibition at Gagosian last week, I was not sure if I was ready for another show dedicated to a sculptor. Because after all, when you had a taste of Serra’s work what else can you ask for? The way Serra constantly questions the nature of sculpture and his faculty of exploring our relationship with space, make him in my opinion one of the most important figure of contemporary art today.

That being said, I was still looking forward for Antony Gormley exhibition “Fit” in White Cube‘s massive Bermondsey gallery. I always was sensitive to his work, maybe because he reminds me a bit of Giacometti who I love.Maybe because I’m also secretly obsessed with architecture, proportions, lines, scale, and lego (yes, some of his works oddly look like lego bricks).

After receiving a security document (I’m not sure if your bank account could recover from destroying a Gormley), you are finally ready to discover the 24 sculptures placed in 15 interconnected “chambers”. I guess that they idea was to create a sort of maze for the visitors, but for me it did not do the trick. I was finding the setting quiet claustrophobic, I like to be able to step back and observe. A forced proximity with art can be sometimes interesting, but it was not the best fit for this kind of exhibition.I still highly recommend “Fit”, which is on view until November 6th.  Read more about the exhibition here.













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9 replies on “Art Diary – Antony Gormley “Fit” at White Cube

  1. Thanks for sharing, was waiting for it since your IG posts yesterday. I live in Japan so it’s difficult to see all these exhibitions so thank you.

  2. Thank you Eva for sharing this sculptor! I need to expand my knowledge of this part of the art world. And I get where you get your Giacometti vibe from, but the sculptures with a larger mass did the trick for me. I really like those. I’ll remember his name!

    1. My pleasure dear. I really enjoyed the exhibition, despite my criticism regarding the way the space was curated, I’m more and more interested in sculpture which is a discipline I was not especially into until now.

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