Few weeks ago, while browsing around in my favourite East London bookshop, Artwords, I came across The Age of Earthquakes. Despite the not so aesthetic cover, I was attracted by the mention “A Guide to the Extreme Present”. Sometimes I wonder if the generations before us also thought that everything and everyone in our societies were extreme or too much to some extend. The whole world feels quiet manic nowadays, and The Age of Earthquakes came to me as a place of reflection and somehow meditation on the absurdity of  our lives in a digital age.

The book is an hybrid, mixing visuals from artists such as Ed Atkins, Amalia Ulman, and Taryn Simon (to only name a few) with strong quotes and slogans. The three minds behind the book are Serpentine Gallery co-director and writer Hans Ulrich Obrist, writer Shumon Basar, and  writer Douglas Coupland.

During a week, I posted an my InstaStory a page a day of the book and it was a success. Many of you got it and were kind enough to tag me on their post. Even though the book can sounds quiet fatalist and ironic, I see it as a wacky unconventional guide. Fun and thinking guaranteed.



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Cover picture : Dazed & Confused

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