If you are following me on Instagram, you know that my obsession for Matcha (aka the green monster) is real. Matcha literally means “powdered” tea, this finely ground bitter powder made from the whole leaf of green tea is my ultimate power food. Rich in antioxydants, matcha is a real metabolism booster and will honestly give you the same buzz than a cup of coffee.

Not everyone will love it, matcha has a strong bitter taste but when it is well prepared and served with soya or almond milk (matcha lattes are my favourite) it is green heaven in a cup.

If you are living in London, getting your matcha fix is absolutely not a struggle. Most of London’s coffee shops will have it on the menu, and matcha bars are popping all over the city. The “real” battle is to find places that stock good quality matcha, and know how to prepare the green beverage.

Here is my top 5 of London’s best matcha  spots (so far) :


Store Street Espresso

Definitely one of my favourite matcha latte in town, never bitter, lovely space, and friendly staff.



Best matcha latte bubble tea I had in London so far. Biju only uses the best ingredient and milk, and you can really tell the difference. Unlike places like Bubbleology, it’s not filled with sugar and you can really customize your own drink.



Authentic Japanese café, Tombo is the first place I ever tried matcha soft serve ice-cream and in my opinion it is one of the best. They are also selling a nice selection of teas, and they are quiet bold when it comes to incorporate matcha in many traditional dessert such as Tiramisu or brownies.



God knows I love hanging at the Grind (mostly in their Shoreditch and Covent Garden locations), but it’s been months I’ve been missing something on their menu : Matcha latte. They finally heard my desperate prayers and recently introduce Taiki Tea (an organic matcha company based in East London) in their coffee shops. Amen.


Amanzi Tea

“Tea Differently” summarizes perfectly Amanzi’s spirit. They are perfectly mixing a traditional and a contemporary approach to tea. I like to say that they are a tea bar with a twist, and their ice matcha latte is my absolute favourite (add some agave syrup to make it even better).

And you, what’s your treasured matcha spot in London?

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4 replies on “Matcha Stories

  1. J’adore tes photos, et je teste tea bons plans matcha très prochainement avec mon chéri que je compte bien convertir.

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