Long time no see. It’s been almost a month since my latest entry, and even though I stayed in touch through my social media, I’m happy to be back here with a brand new post.

I could have write about the Brexit, the summer art sales, my failed attempt at discovering the New Tate Modern, or review the last exhibitions I attended, but as you were many to ask for  shows recommendations in Brussels I had a look at what was on, and put together a list of must see.

Summer is always a slow season when it comes to contemporary art, but I must say that this time Brussels’s cultural scene does not disappoint (London neither, but this is a different story). Alongside my suggestions, note that over the summer the European capital is filled with outdoor get together (Les Jardins Suspendus, PiKniK, …), festivals, pop-up exhibitions, and outside cinemas, so make sure to get your dose of local culture while enjoying a fresh beer.


“LaMontagne” at LaVallée Gallery

The mountain is the main focus of this exhibition, it carries myths and legends ; recurring motif in art history, it is a thing to question by several aspects: symbolic , structural, geological, historical … The mountain offers a multiplicity of points of view, of attack angles.” Curated by Gwenaëlle de Spa, Benjamin Ottoz, and Julien Paci, LaMontagne is an ambitious group exhibition featuring not less than 26 artists and going across several art disciplines (installation, sculpture, painting, just to name a few). It is definitely one of this summer’s highlight, so don’t miss it.

When : Opening on July 1st at 6pm  // Address39 rue Adolphe Lavalléestraat, 1080 Brussels

Courtesy of Almine Rech Gallery
Courtesy of Almine Rech Gallery

Matthieu Ronsse “Memorabilia” at Almine Rech 

In his work, everything is mixed together: new wave music, paintings by old masters, snapshots, fashion photographs, his studio, earlier work… Together they form a fertile paint crust in which, time and again, the layerings of imagery and matter create surprising possibilities and new potentialities.” I remember seeing his work for the first time back in 2012, at the time Ronsse (who was born in Kortrijk ) was incarnating the renewal of the Belgian painting, and since he has imposed sustainably his very eclectic and inhabited style. His current exhibition at Almine Rech proves once again his undeniable talent.

When : Until July 30th  // Address : 20 Rue de l’Abbaye, 1050 Brussels

←→ •••••••• Joachim Koester, The Kant Walks, 2003–2004 © Joachim Koester / The SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection, Vienna. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Jan De Mot Brussels
Joachim Koester, The Kant Walks, 2003–2004 © Joachim Koester / The SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection, Vienna. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Jan De Mot Brussels

Open Spaces| Secret places at Bozar

In the context of the international photography Biennial of Brussels, BOZAR presents the main exhibition open spaces | secret places. Works from the SAMMLUNG VERBUND, Vienna.The increasing spatialization of art goes hand in hand with our lifestyle, which has changed considerably in social and cultural terms as a result of new spatial conditions (virtual space, increased mobility).

This summer exhibition at Bozar features the work of 28 contemporary artists who are exploring, through their photographs and installation, the notion of space and the relationships we are building with our surroundings. The exhibition is not free of charge (12euros), but remember that if you are under 26 it’s only 2 euros on Wednesdays.

When : Until September 4th  // AddressBOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

Courtesy of Rod Barton Gallery
Courtesy of Rod Barton Gallery

Erin Lawlor at Rod Barton Gallery

Lawlor will be presenting 8 new works that demonstrate the gesture and dynamism with which the artist paints. With art historical references to Willem de Kooning and Howard Hodgkin, Lawlor is concerned with the performative process of expression and movement through the medium of oil paint. Using a technique known as ‘wet-on-wet’, working in and through layers without allowing the underlying brushwork to dry, each painting can be seen to show a journey that both the canvas and the artist are a part of.” Read more here.

It is the first time that the British painter is exhibiting at Rod Barton. Worthy to stop by.

When : Until July 16th // Address : 67 Rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels

Courtesy of the Dvir Gallery
Courtesy of the Dvir Gallery

“Dans un monde Magnifique et Furieux” at Dvir Gallery

It’s hard to not be intrigued by the current group exhibition at Dvir Gallery, with such an enigmatic (and beautiful) title. For their third show in their brand new Brussels space, the Israeli gallery is featuring the works of  some of her strongest artists :Mircea Cantor, Latifa Echakhch, Shilpa Gupta, Yudith Levin, David Maljkovic, and Ariel Schlesinger. If you are craving for conceptual art and good curation, this is the place to go.

When : Until July 23rd // Address : 67 Rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels


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Cover PictureMartin Coiffier for the exhibition LaMontagne.

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  1. L’expo de Matthieu Ronsse à ARG est vraiment bien, il peint à l’ancienne avec un twist de modernité. Super de te voir à nouveau sur le blog.

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