There is always this thrilling feeling when you enter an art school, the excitement that you are going to witness something special. Maybe cross the path of the next David Hockney, or meet the creative minds behind our future generation of artists. Of course not everything is good or special, but sometimes in the middle of this artistic chaos  you found beauty and originality.

I see these schools as laboratories, where driven and passionate people are spending there time researching, testing, while digging deeply inside themselves to share with us their visions, to tell us a story, to make us think.

Tuesday I was visiting artist Marie Hazard in her weaving studio at Central Saint Martins, and it gave me the idea to share with you a list of graduate shows happening in London very soon. It is of course a different experience than going to see a gallery exhibition, but in my opinion it is as much interesting. The art is more raw, experimental, risky sometimes, and the approach less commercial. I really believe we have to support artists while they are still studying and shaping themselves, and not wait for an art gallery to “validate” them as the next hot thing.

So here are few graduate shows you would like to attend :

Credit @centralsaintmartins
Credit @centralsaintmartins

Central Saint Martins Show One & Show Two

Mostly known for it’s fashion department, Central Saint Martins can’t be reduced to that discipline only: “Show One presents Fine Art in all its glory from painting, photography and installation to work we don’t have the right words for yet. From undergraduate to postgraduate, here is art at its broadest and boldest. (…) With seven programmes presenting in Show Two, disciplines stretch from design and fashion to drama and cultural enterprise. Whatever the material or process, you’ll find work challenging the world to be a better, bolder place.“.

Show OneWhen :  May 25-29// Address :1 Granary Square, King’s Cross, N1C 4AA.

Show TwoWhen :  June 22-26// Address :1 Granary Square, King’s Cross, N1C 4AA.

Credit @sladeschool
Credit @sladeschool

Slade School of Fine Art Undergraduate and Graduate shows

Slade is known to be one of the UK’s best art and design school, and has an impressive list of alumni such as Douglas Gordon or Mona Hatoum.

The annual Slade Degree Shows, showcasing artworks by graduating students from the UCL Slade School of Fine Art, will take place across May and June at the Slade School of Fine Art.The site featuring this year’s undergraduates will go live on Friday 20 May, and graduates will go live on Wednesday 8 June 2016.”

BA – BFA : When :  May 20-23// AddressGower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

MA-MFA-PHD : When :  June 8-19// Address :Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT.

Credit @goldsmiths
Credit @goldsmiths

Goldsmiths Degree Shows

Probably the most prestigious art department in the UK that housed, among others talented artists, the YBA. Goldsmiths degree shows program is quiet big so I invite you to discover it right here : “An eclectic programme of free exhibitions, shows and performances showcasing the exciting work of our latest graduates. Discover the very best emerging talent from a range of creative and innovative disciplines at venues across London this summer.

When :  April- September / AddressGoldsmiths in New Cross and across London.

Credit @RCA
Credit @RCA

Royal College of Art Graduate Show

I was very impressed by my visit at the RCA few months ago for their open doors weekend, and I can’t wait to discover what the students have been up to.

The annual graduate shows will take place simultaneously across the College’s two campuses in Battersea and Kensington. ShowRCA offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the very best of emerging contemporary art and design practice. Over 700 art and design postgraduate students will exhibit work of exceptional quality, imagination and technical skill. The exhibitions are free, with much of the work for sale or commission – ranging from paintings to prints, glassware to jewellery and furniture to textiles.”

When :  June 26 -July 3rd/ AddressRoyal College of Art KensingtonBattersea Campuses.

Credit @chelseacollege
Credit @chelseacollege

Chelsea College of Arts Undergraduate Show

Every time I go to the Tate Britain, I love passing through Chelsea College campus as there is always something creative going on, so I’m really much looking forward to see what’s cooking inside : “Catch the ‘up and coming’ artists and designers of tomorrow at the Chelsea College of Arts Undergraduate Summer Show, featuring work by graduating students from the following courses: BA Fine Art, BA Graphic Design Communication, BA Interior & Spatial Design, FdA Interior Design, BA Textile Design, Graduate Diploma Fine Art, and Graduate Diploma Interior Design.

When :  June 17 -25/ Address16 John Islip Street, London,SW1P 4JU.

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Cover Picture : Nicolas Feldmeyer, 2012. MA/MFA Degree Show Slade 2012. Photograph by Nick Rochowski.


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11 replies on “5 Art School Undergraduate & Graduate Shows to Attend in London

  1. What a great idea, it’s rare that the press talk about our shows so thanks to you and looking forward to meet you at Goldsmiths.

  2. ça c’est top! Je n’avais encore jamais lu ou entendu ce genre d’info. J’ai commencé des cours et nos créations seront exposées (bon, je n’irai pas jusqu’à dire que c’est pareil), mais je pensais que ce genre de choses étaient plus confidentiel. Belle découverte

    1. Super pour les cours! Où ça? Je pense que c’est important de reconnaître et de mettre en avant le travail des étudiants en art, car il y a beaucoup de bonnes idées et de fraîcheur dans ce qu’ils proposent.

      1. Je suis des cours au Centre culturel coréen de hanji craft, l’art du papier craft traditionnel. Je ne me dirai pas artiste, loin de là, mais je ressens le plaisir de voir sa création prendre forme et se dire “waou, j’ai fais ça”

      2. C’est super comme discipline, je passe régulièrement au centre coréen quand je suis à Bruxelles et j’aime beaucoup ce qu’ils font. Congrat, et je pense que si il y a processus de création et l’ envie de s’exprimer via une pratique artistique que ça fait de toi une artiste 😉

  3. A friend sent me this article and by this occasion made me discover your blog.It’s real good. Nice to see something like that in the blogosphere.

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