Bruxelles ma belle. For me Brussels is synonym of gentleness, simplicity, and peace. People loves laughing about Belgians, about our supposed accent, our questionable expressions, or our kindness often taken as a weakness. Our lack of pretension and vanity must be disturbing for others who didn’t grow up here. Brussels it’s a spirit, a place where il fait bon de vivre, a place I love dearly.

Brussels is also a culture hub, which has nothing to envy to its neighbours. You just have to look at the April agenda to understand that despite this difficult time, Brussels will celebrate art because after all Art is Life right? April is busy, too busy maybe. I’m just going to throw my opinion here,  I’m a bit stunned by how many art fairs are opening at the same time . Do we need that many art fairs in one place at the dame time? What do you think?

As A LOT of exhibitions are on this month, I’m just sharing with you the ones I’m really excited for, so feel free to add your own recommendations as usual.

See You There.

W E E K   O N E

Courtesy of Chabah Yelmani Gallery
Courtesy of Chabah Yelmani Gallery

Group Show “Sister Cities” at Chabah Yelmani Gallery

Chabah Yelmani Gallery will present its third group exhibition this year featuring the works of artists such as  Jon DeCola, William James Thurman,and Paul Weiner. 

When : April 7th // Address : 293 Chaussée de Boondael, 1050 Brussels.

Courtesy of Harlan Levey Projects
Courtesy of Harlan Levey Projects

Abner Preis “Eat, Shit, Smile” at Harlan Levey Projects

The third exhibition of Abner Preis at Harlan Levey Projects is as reductive as the title suggests. Both profoundly existential and light-heartedly humorous, three bodies of new works reiterate the artist’s signature style, which employs hyper-naivety and pulls the public into his story as they become reflective material for a collaborative performance piece.

When : April 8th at 5.30 pm // Address : 46 rue Jean d’Ardenne, 1050 Brussels.

EXTRA :Régis Jocteur Monrozier  & Louis Clais  “Cuisine Tranquille” at Komplot (opening April 2).

W E E K   T W O

Courtesy of Meessen De Clercq
Courtesy of Meessen De Clercq

Claudio Parmiggiani at Meessen De Clercq Gallery

Related to the Arte Povera movement, Claudio Parmiggiani is a key figure of the Italian contemporary art scene. I was very impressed few years ago by his anchor and glass installation at Meessen De Clercq, and the way he is creating such strong installations/sculptures with everyday materials.I’m looking forward to discover his new body of work.

When : April 14th at 6 pm // Address : 2A rue de l’Abbaye, 1000 Brussels.

Courtesy of Rodolphe Janssens Gallery
Courtesy of Rodolphe Janssens Gallery

Nathaniel Axel “Tomb for 500,000 Soldiers” at Rodolphe Janssens Gallery

Yesterday I returned from three weeks in Belgium. While there, I had an experience that made a great impression on me. I think it may even have changed my entire way of looking at things; troubled my soul, as people say. It is unfortunate that I could not make this record while still in Brussels, but I found it impossible. I felt that something terrible might happen as I sat by myself in my bedroom writing it all down.” Nathaniel Axel is an American artist based in Brooklyn. It is his first solo show at Rodolphe Janssens Gallery.

When : April 14th at 6pm // Address : 35 rue de Livourne, 1050 Brussels.

Courtesy of Super Dakota
Courtesy of Super Dakota

Céline Gillain “Aquina” at Super Dakota

Céline Gillain will inaugurate our video program in the dedicated film room of the gallery with her film Aquina. The starting point of Aquina is the emergence of the self-help smart phone applications. I personally use those apps frequently and they leave me confused, I’m not quite sure if I love or hate them. Their esoteric discourse seems either irresistibly right and terribly wrong at the same time.” Read more about Brussels based artist Céline Gillain project right here.

Alongside this opening Super Dakota will present the solo exhibition “Veduta” by artist Baptiste Caccia. More info coming soon.

When : April 14th at 6pm // Address : 45 rue Washington, 1050 Brussels. 

EXTRA: Mario Garcia Torres at Jan Mot Gallery (opening April 14th), Enrique Ramirez at Michel Rein Gallery (opening April 14th), “8 Femmes” at Office Baroque (Opening April 16th).

W E E K   T H R E E

Simon Fujiwara at Dvir Gallery

Last year, Dvir presented in their Tel Aviv space a solo show by Simon Fujiwara called “Lactose Intolerance”. I don’t know yet which body of work they are going to present for their Brussels’s exhibition, but you can read about his work right here.

When : April 19th at 6pm // Address : 67 rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels.

Courtesy of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Courtesy of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Ugo Rondinone at Gladstone Gallery

I’m a big fan of Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, and of his art “bigger than life”. His practise is very broad, from painting, sculpture, video, installation, and even photography, the New-York based artist is not afraid of experimenting new ways to create art, but always keep his personal style. I saw his latest exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ in London few months ago, and I can’t wait for this new show at Gladstone Gallery.

When : April 19th at 6pm // Address : 12 rue du Grand Cerf, 1000 Brussels.

Courtesy of Guy Yanai
Courtesy of Guy Yanai

Guy Yanai ” Fox Hill Road” at Rod Barton

I don’t present the Israeli artist anymore as I wrote about his work many time on the blog. Yanai is one of the most talented painter on the contemporary art scene at the moment with his Hockney-esque style he creates work mixing cultural references from present and past.For his first solo exhibition in Brussels, the artist chose Rod Barton Gallery to show his new series of work after a previous show in London. Must go.

When : April 19th at 6pm // Address : 67 rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels.

Courtesy of Contemporary Art Daily
Courtesy of Contemporary Art Daily

Josh Smith at Xavier Hufkens

American artist Josh Smith is renowned for the diversity of his artistic practice and for the wide range of different styles in which he works. Originally trained as a printmaker, but primarily known for his paintings, Smith also makes sculptures, ceramics, books, prints and posters, and is a consummate draftsman. His art is deeply subjective and, by questioning contemporary tastes and norms, often counter-cultural.” I’m really looking forward to discover Smith’s work in the flesh at Xavier Hufkens Gallery as I’ve heard a lot of good things about his work and vision.

When : April 19th at 6pm // Address : 6 rue Saint-Georges, 1050 Brussels.

Courtesy of Rodolphe Janssens
Courtesy of Rodolphe Janssens

Group Show “Made in Oven” at Rodolphe Janssens

The exhibition organized in collaboration with the internationally renowned Belgian based florist and creator of floral environments Thierry Boutemy, will combine ceramics and floral arrangements. The gallery and Boutemy will present the works of artists Eric Croes, Dionisis Kavallieratos, Dan McCarthy, and Gert & Uwe Tobias.” I’m really looking forward for this exhibition at Rodolphe Janssens Gallery which will mix ceramics and flowers, two art practices too often overlooked.

When : April 20th at 6pm // Address : 35 rue de Livourne, 1050 Brussels.

Courtesy of La Patinoire Royale
Courtesy of La Patinoire Royale

Prouvé-Takis at La Patinoire Royale

I wrote about this amazing art space twice on the blog, and I’m still amazed by what they can do in it. They are welcoming a big retrospective of French architect/designer Jean Prouvé and Greek sculptor Vassilakis Takis. For the occasion they are rebuilding in situ a house design by Prouvé. No need to say that you must stop by La Patinoire Royale.

When : April 21th at 6pm // Address : 15 rue Veydt, 1050 Brussels.

EXTRA: Dominic Samsworth at Jean Rochard Gallery (opening April 19th), Hayal Pozanti at Levy.Delval (opening April 19th), Eddie Martinez at Sorry We Are Closed (opening April 19th), Jean-Baptiste Bernadet at Almine Rech Gallery (opening April 20th), Caroline Achaintre at C-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e (opening April 20th), Edith Dekyndt “Strange Fruits” at Greta Meert Gallery (opening April 20th), Mitja Tusek “Small World” at Albert Baronian (opening April 20th)

Poppositions Off-Fair (2015). Courtesy of General Store.
Poppositions Off-Fair (2015). Courtesy of General Store.

A R T   F A I R S 

Pretty heavy arty program right? Enjoy!


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27 replies on “Art Guide : Brussels in April

  1. Pareil je trouve que c’est légèrement de l’abus ce nombre de foires concentrées au même endroit ai même moment. Ça devient du cinéma, perso j’irais uniquement à Popposition .

    1. Oui je pense effectivement que qualité devrait primer sur quantité. Où peut être répartir ces foires sur toute l’année. Hâte de découvrir Popposition également.

  2. Méchamment blasé de Art Brussels et ses entrées hors prix à côté des autres comme l’indépendante qui est free access. Merci pour ton guide, toujours on point la Eva.

    1. J’avoue qu’il demande 50 euros le ticket pour le vernissage alors que les galeries les distribuent gratuitement. Abus.

  3. Love Ugo Rondinone too, thanks for sharing! I’m Canadian and coming for Art Brussels,I will email you my gallery details. Cheers.

    1. Haha trop mignon Laurent. L’independent et Popposition, et surement Art Brussels malgré tout. Mais les openings me disent plus en fait que les foires.

  4. Depuis le temps que tu nous parle de Guy Yanai on va enfin pouvoir voir ce qu’il fait à Bruxelles. Comme quoi tout les chemins mènent au pays des belges.

  5. L’expo Prouvé à l’air démentielle, il me tarde. Felicitation pour Triumvirate. Jerome, Un fidèle lecteur de Liège (pas très exotique je te l’accorde).

  6. Ça bouge à Bruxelles, il faudrait que je pense à visiter cette ville et ses galeries. Je vous lit depuis Aix en Provence depuis vos débuts étant très attachée à Tel Aviv et maintenant grâce à vous je découvre Bruxelles et Londres. Amicalement Batsheva

    1. Je suis ravie de lire vos mots Batsheva. Bruxelles est un lieu très intéressant à découvrir, je vous invite sincèrement à y faire escale à l’occasion.

  7. Tu as raison de le dire, le nombre de foires en avril est ridicule. Je ne comprends pas leur intérêt. Je vois que tu n’as pas mit la Off d’ailleurs dans l’agenda qui dit aussi montrer la jeune création au même titre que YIA. Too much de chez toi much.

    1. Oui j’ai vu pour la off juste après la publication. L’Independent me tente vraiment bien, ca obligera peut être Art Brussels a se repenser un peu 😉

  8. So excited about Simon Fujiwara show at Dvir Gallery. About the fairs you are right it’s too much and I found it weird that they all do it over art Brussels, it seems that it’s their only way to get attention. Sad.

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