With over 400 million users, Instagram became in few years one of the strongest social media platform. Instagraming and hashtagging are now a second nature for most of us, we had to learn a new vocabulary (hashtag dictionary), and even forced ourselves to believe that our lives could fit into tiny standardized squares. I’m not going to lie I love Instagram, it’s easy breezy, suddenly everything became aesthetic and interesting (hashtag healthy breakfast), and even though the over-sharing can be sickening sometimes, I still believe that it is a great tool.

Every day I meet new people through Instagram, I discover new artists and places, it gives you an unlimited access to everything the world has to offer (for better or for worst obviously). I mostly follow art galleries, museums, art professionals, artists, bloggers, or people I share interests with, Instagram keeps me in the loop.  The platform is of course perfect to keep an eye on what’s on and what’s hot, but it is also a creative space, a laboratory for artists and ideas.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite artsy Instagram accounts. The list is quiet versatile, filled with inspiring personalities from artists to curators who will make your feed much smarter.

Hans Ulrich Obrist : @hansulrichobrist

Gustav Metzger Remember Nature @serpentineuk

Curator extraordinaire and co-director of exhibitions and programmes and director of international projects at Serpentine Galleries (London), Obrist is a major figure in the contemporary art world. His Instagram feed is filled with notes and post-it, completely original and inspiring.

The Cultivist : @thecultivist

Ai Weiwei at The Royal Academy
Ai Weiwei at The Royal Academy

I recently discovered The Cultivist ” (…) the world’s only global arts club offering uniquely privileged access to every aspect of the art world.”. A great concept to discover asap, but also a good Instagram feed that will keep you in touch with what’s on in the art world.

Jennifer Abessira : @jenniferabessira 

ALL OR NOTHING #pinkdifferentjen
ALL OR NOTHING #pinkdifferentjen

It’s been few years now that I’m following the work of French-Israeli artist Jennifer Abessira, a work fed with images from films, art, but also from the internet. The photographer is sharing with us a deeply personal work, her Instagram feed is almost like a diary. Must follow.

Rebekah Lee : @applepaperplane

Jennifer in Paradise, Constant Dullaart, 2014 #electronicsuperhighway
Jennifer in Paradise, Constant Dullaart, 2014 #electronicsuperhighway

Big crush on Rebekha‘s Instagram feed. This young Singaporean is studying graphic design at the Chelsea School or Art and Design in London, she will take you through her wanderings in the city, and keeps you updated about what’s on in London.

Panoptes Collection : @panoptescollection

#IanWALLACE, "Support Surface" (2007) @fondazioneprada, #Milan
#IanWALLACE, “Support Surface” (2007) @fondazioneprada, #Milan

Panoptes Collection is a family collection established in the heart of Brussels, Belgium. Assembled during the last sixty years by an aficionado of art, the collection now comprises more than four hundred emblematic works from the 1960s to the present day.” Their Instagram is almost like an online gallery, which is perfect to connect with art from all around the world.

Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte : @louisphilippeve

#sarahmorris @m_museum
#sarahmorris @m_museum

Director of the Office Baroque Gallery in Brussels, his Instagram feed features mostly art. It will give you a good feel of what’s on in Belgium.

Alice Gallery : @alice_bxl

Hell'O studio visit @jer_hellomonsters #hellomonsters
Hell’O studio visit @jer_hellomonsters #hellomonsters

What I like about Alice van den Abeele‘s Instagram account is that it shows the behind the scene of a contemporary art gallery. No doubt it will bring colors into your feed.

Tate Collectives : @tatecollectives

Are the audience the curators? Some thoughts from Team 2 #randomcojams @iam_internet
Are the audience the curators? Some thoughts from Team 2 #randomcojams @iam_internet

“Connecting young people to art at Tate Modern and Tate Britain.Free events, workshops, festivals and resources in the galleries and online.” I love the work that Tate Collectives is doing, and how they make the museum a place of life and education, where you can think and act. A great Instagram to follow to stay in the loop.

Fiona Grady : @fiona_grady


Fiona Grady is a contemporary abstract artist and curator living and working in London. Her Instagram shows her work, but also gives you a look at what’s on in the London art scene.


I could share many other Instagram accounts with you, and I will do it more often, but in the meantime I hope that this unconventional selection will please you. Feel free of course to connect with me at @the_bubblist, I love discovering new artsy profiles.

Cover Picture: @gagosiangallery

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20 replies on “Art & Social Media : 9 Arty Instagram Accounts to Follow

    1. I have more and more readers from Poland! I got a nice mail from a reader telling me all about the Krakow art scene, it’s definitely a place I want to visit soon. Thanks for your support 😉

  1. Un ami à partagé ce poste sur son compte Facebook et j’ai dés lors découvert ton blog que je ne connaissais pas. Que dire mis à part félicitation ! Tu rends l’art cool et accessible et nous fait découvrir plein de choses autre que le dernier lipstick en vogue. Amicalement une compatriote bruxelloise.

  2. I just discovered your blog, it is so rare to have blogs about culture so I’m super happy I came across yours. I’m leaving NYC to move to Tel Aviv in a couple of weeks, any Instagram account I should follow there? Thank you!

    1. Hi Ilana! Congratulations on the moving, you will love Tel Aviv, such a creative and lively city. I have so many account I can think of but start with Telavivian it will connect you with the city, it’s hot spots, design, art, fashion etc. For the art follow the galleries and the Tel Aviv and Israel museums. Just talking about it makes me so nostalgic. Good luck with the moving.

  3. Just discovered Jennifer Abessira work through your article, I love what she does! Is she only showing in Israel?

  4. I discovered your blog yesterday through your Instagram and I love it! What a smart young lady sharing her passion. Thank you, I will push galleries doors more often. Tatiana

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