One question that comes often in your emails is “if you only have to chose 5 exhibitions to see this month in Brussels or in London, which one would it be?”.  I have tendency to forget that not everyone has the time or the opportunity to see plenty of exhibitions every week. That is why I always tried to give you as much options as possible, but it’s true that sometimes you just want to know what is completely worthy of your time and go straight to the point.

The thing is, art like everything else is subjective and what I will like is not especially what you would go for, even though I believe that it’s always good to be confront to artworks you are not especially fond of, for the experience that can be surprising sometimes.

So here are five exhibitions to go see in Brussels this month, as usual feel free to add your own recommendations in the comment section.

Susan Hiller “Aspects of the Self 1972-1985” at MOTinternational

Susan Hiller Midnight, Miami, 1985 set of 5 C-type prints with feathers. Courtesy of MotInternational Gallery
Susan Hiller, Midnight, Miami, 1985. Courtesy of MotInternational Gallery

When:  Until March 26th // Venue : 423 Avenue Louise, Brussels // Press Release

Chris Dorland “Happiness Machines ” at Super Dakota Gallery

Courtesy of Super Dakota Gallery
Courtesy of Super Dakota Gallery

When:  Until Feb. 27th  // Venue :45 rue Washington , Brussels // Press Release

Tamuna Sirbiladze  “Two Projects” at Almine Rech Gallery

Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech Gallery Photo: Sven Laurent - Let me shoot for you
Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech Gallery. Photo: Sven Laurent

When:  Until Feb. 27th  // Venue20 rue de l’abbaye, Brussels // Press Release

Boris Tellegen aka Delta At Alice Gallery

Courtesy of Alice Gallery

When:  Until Feb. 20th  // Venue4 rue du pays de Liège, Brussels// Press Release

Group Show “Chapter II” at Chabah Yelmani Gallery

Courtesy @Jon DeCola & Chabah Yelmani Gallery
Courtesy @Jon DeCola & Chabah Yelmani Gallery

When:  Opening  Feb. 18th // Venue293 Chau. De Boondael, Brussels// Press Release

If five options is not enough for you, don’t miss Edith Dekynd‘s exhibition “Ombre Indigene” at Wiels, Adel Abdessemed, Miroslaw Balka, and Latifa Echakhch at the brand new Dvir Gallery, and of course Daniel Buren “A Fresco” opening on February 19 at Bozar

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Cover Picture : Susan Hiller, Courtesy of MOTinternational.

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17 replies on “Art Guide : 5 Exhibitions to See in Brussels in February

  1. Cool je me demandais justement quoi voir. On m’a aussi parlé du show balls ans glory chez Rodolphe Janssens qui apparemment est bien. Des échos ?

  2. I’m coming to brussels to visit my brother who studies there next weekend so will definitely have a look at what your recommend. Best, Martha

  3. Top tour CA, j’ai vu Delta chez Alice et beaucoup aimer. J’ai hâte de voir Buren mais le prix fait quand même mal. Bon weekend

    1. Coucou Louis. Oui ce n’est pas donné mais si tu as moins de 26 ans l’entrée est un 1 euro le mercredi si je me souviens bien donc ça peut être une alternative intéressante.

  4. L’expo à Almine Rech est très belle. Je recommande aussi de passé voir le prix Van de Velde à Bozar sur une note plus design. Bon week-end.

    1. Figure toi que j’avais pensé ajouter le prix Van De Velde également car je sais que beaucoup de mes lecteurs ont un faible pour le design 😉 Merci pour ton partage.

    1. Oui un must! J’en parle dans un de mes derniers poste sur Bruxelles. Il y a beaucoup d’enthousiasme autour de ce magnifique lieu et j’en suis ravie. Bonne semaine Simon.

  5. Your blog is really useful, would be cool if you could let us know about Art in other cities maybe? Also I love your Instagram account, beautiful stuffs. Greetings from Scotland.

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