Last week I was telling you how I want this blog to be a platform that will ease the communication between artists and creatives entrepreneurs , and how I want it to be a place where they can get the visibility they deserved.

So this week there is no exception as I will introduce you to “Sketch My Mind” an exciting project lead by two Belgians creatives Louise and Salomé, which will be inaugurate in Brussels on December 22th at the Fayla Gallery. During the exhibition 12 serigraphs will be presented alongside original works from the artists.

What is it exactly?Sketch My Mind is an independent Belgian art label. We collaborate with the creatives from within the fields of illustration, design, fashion & photography  asking artists to respond to an inspirational phrase. This dialogue between word and image results in original works which we then produce as limited editions silkscreen prints.

If you are not convince YET that it is an interesting concept to support, here is three more reasons that will change your opinion: Sketch My Mind offers a stage to emerging local talents, which is important nowadays as we know the struggles  artists are constantly facing. Secondly one of their goal is to improve the status of the serigraphy as it’s a medium that we have tendency to see as cheap and lacking quality and originality. Finally their very affordable prices, showing once again that you don’t need to be rich to collect art.

If you want to be part of their adventure you can join them on their KissKissBankBank page which is  filled with oh so arty gifts, but also Belgian crafted beers following their collab with En Stoemelings giving you access to limited edition bottles illustrated by Ange Bruneel .

Doriane Van Overeem
Léo François Luccioni
Greg Dass
Greg Dass
Collaboration with En Stoemelings
Collaboration with En Stoemelings

Be ready to have your minds blow by this 100% Belgian Creative Project.

Connect with Sketch My Mind on Facebook and on Instagram.

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