I always try to keep an eye on calls for artists and residencies  as one of the goal of this platform is to help young creative to develop their career and build a strong network. I do my best to connect people everyday, to look at all the projects you are sending me and of course it’s always with a lot of pleasure I feature some of you on the blog to share artworks and visions I believe in.

Today I wanted to talk about two  interesting calls for artists both based in Belgium but with very different outlooks. If you are an emerging artist looking for the perfect occasion to put yourself out there this is it.

The first call is for D.A.T.E. (Discover Antwerp Through Experience) created by the community behind This Is Antwerp : “In March 2016 This is Antwerp will host a four day bootcamp in our Belgian port city. Discover Antwerp Through Experience (D.A.T.E.) will investigate how creative entrepreneurs shape the city and the city shapes them. This is Antwerp is looking for 12 participants to discover the city, its creative scene and meet their local counterparts. This invitation is extended to practitioners of all disciplines including fashion, food, music, art, illustration, graphic design, copywriting, programming, woodworking, or even dance.” Read more about it here.

Participant from all around the world are welcome, and the deadline for the application is December 20th.

The second call for artist is initiate by the Affordable Art Fair who is looking for young emerging Belgian artists between 18 and 40, born or resident in Belgium and who currently doesn’t have any gallery representation :”This Call guarantees to create an opportunity for emerging artists to build a strong CV and experience in the Art world, whilst providing a focal point for contemporary art dealers and collectors to access fresh works.” Read more about it here.

Capture d’écran 2015-12-10 à 11.46.23

You can send your application until December 31st 2015.

I wish you all the best of luck, feel free to share with us other call for artists and residencies.

Cover Photo : Museum aan de Stroom (Museum by the River), Antwerp. Photograph: Filip Dujardin. Published in The Guardian.

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11 replies on “Art In Belgium : Calls for Artists & Young Creatives

  1. Ca a l’air top celui d’Anvers. Je ne connaissais pas du tout et ca me tente bien 😉 Merci et bonne journée.

  2. I always dream of discovering Antwerp, I heard it’s a very creative city. Do you think they will consider an Israeli application? Toda Eva

  3. Toujours au taquet mademoiselle Kirilof 😉 On pense tenter l’affordable en tant que collectif histoire de voir si ils seraient ouvert à cette idée. Souhaite nous bonne chance et à bient^t j’espère pour un petit verre au Dillens.

  4. Thanks for sharing, it’s good to know we have opportunities like that in Belgium. We don’t hear enough about them. Peace

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