Today I wanted to share with you a more “lifestyle oriented post as many of you are asking me questions about myself, where I go, where I eat, what I do, recommendations etc. Questions which are mostly based on what you guys are seeing on my Instagram and Snapchat accounts where I share with you my art tours but not only. Don’t worry ,I’m not going to start to post  my outfits of the day, I’m totally aware that I’m running an art/culture platform and I believe that to have a successful blog you have to stick to one main subject/guideline.

That being said, I wanted to introduce you to my five favourite blogging spots in London (Brussels and Tel Aviv are coming soon). Taking care of my blog is an important part of my life, a kind of ritual I really do enjoy as I learn a lot from it. To write a post I need inspiration of course, but also the right mindset and a chill environment with a good energy. I like the quiet and the cosy ambiance that your own home gives you, I personally love writing in my bed but sometimes I just need fresh air, background noise, to socialise, and a nice cup of tea.

London is filled with coffee shops, hotel bars, restaurants, concept stores from where you can easily set your computer/tablet and start to get some work done. My selection is mostly determined around the area I live in (Shoreditch), a perfect location to get a laid back atmosphere filled with young creatives.

1. The Ace Hotel

This one is super handy for me as I live pretty much in front, but I highly recommend it. Big space, design environment, a coffee shop, a bar and a restaurant available, plenty of plugs, and a lovely staff. The Ace has the reputation to be über hip and pretentious but I never got that feeling. It’s a great place to work on your blog as there is so much inspiration around, and to extend your network.

Ace Lobby ; Courtesy of the Ace Group

2. The Hoxton Hotel

They have a location in Shoreditch, but I definitely prefer their Holborn spot. It’s very different from the Ace in term of style but the Hoxton is cosy, offers a lot of room and a great Wifi. It’s also a perfect place for meetings as it’s in a pretty central area, and their food is yummy.

Hoxton Lobby. Picture from
Hoxton Lobby. Picture from

3. C.R.E.A.M

One of my favourite blogging spot in my neighbourhood, CREAM present itself as a daytime canteen serving a ever-changing menu. It’s a big place, industrial looking (it was probably a warehouse) with green plants , tasty food, and chill vibes. There is a space dedicated for the ones with computers, less comfy that the two previous locations so if you are planning to spend the afternoon just go for the Ace who is only few steps away.

Courtesy of Cream
Courtesy of Cream

4. Timberyard

When a coffee shop and an independent workspace are meeting it gives you Timberyard. Free (and fast) Wifi, comfy sittings, quality products, friendly staff, and most important stimulating  vibes all over the place. It’s a great spot to find inspiration while working and meet young creatives like you. They have few locations but I only go to their Old Street hub.

Picture from
Picture from

5. The Book Club

An interesting place located in Hoxton/Shoreditch where you can quietly work in the day, and which become a late bar when the night fall. They are computer friendly and have a strong long lasting Wifi. It’s a niche of the local culture so despite it’s name The Book Club is everything but boring. Oh yeah and there is a ping pong table, just saying.

Courtesy of The Book Club
Courtesy of The Book Club

Of course this is just a tiny selection, and I would love to hear about your favourite blogging/working spots in London. As I said earlier similar posts are coming about Brussels and Tel Aviv so stay tuned.

Cover Picture : Ace Hotel lobby

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14 replies on “City Guide : 5 Creative Blogging Spots in London

  1. Brilliant idea! I really love your blog Eva and follow you since you started it back in Tel Aviv. I’m always happy to get you new post in my mailbox as I’m learning so much. If one day you stop by Florence let me know and we will grab a coffee and speak about art. In the meantime I will send to my sister your post as she is coming soon to London. xx Deb

  2. AH super ce petit article! Mon copain m’emmène à Londres pour le nouvel an donc ca m’inspire bien ces petits spots creatifs pour bosser. On point comme d’hab le bubblist! Si tu pouvais m’ajouter sur Snapchat ce serait hyper sympa de pouvoir suivre des arty tours. Bisous et continue!

    1. Coucou Emilie! Je t’ajoute sur Snapchat de ce pas. Je reçois beaucoup de demandes et je ne suis pas encore très adroite avec ce nouveau joujou. Enjoy Londres, c’est magnaifique en cette période de l’année. Bises

  3. Aurais tu des endroits a recommender du côté de Soho? Je viens 6 mois à Londres pour un stage et j’adore bosser sur mon blog dans des endroits sympas et cool. Merci d’avance. Margot

    1. Hello Margot, du côté de Soho tu as le Hoxton qui n’est pas super loin, sinon je te conseilles le Soho Grind, ambiance très sympa expresso bar et bar à cocktail en même temps. Le quartier est truffé de coffee shops donc tu n’aura pas trop de mal à trouvé un spot sympa. Des bises

  4. I love the Ace! One of the best spot in London for literally everything! I just discovered your blog, and I love it. So refreshing and different than the usual fashion, food blogs that we saw all the time. I would love to connect!

    1. Really? J’ai vraiment jamais eu ce sentiment mais c’est vrai que c’est très hipster (comme le quartier d’ailleurs). Pour un truc plus intimiste du côté de Shoreditch tente Paper & Cup, c’est notre QG 😉

      1. Merci je vais tester lors de ma prochaine visite en janvier. Ce serait top de te rencontrer si tu as du temps, j’aime beaucoup rencontrer d’autres bloggeuses perso.

      2. Avec plaisir, je pense organiser un meet up bientôt sur Bruxelles avec des blogueurs et lecteurs. J’ai proposé l’idée que Snapchat et l’idée semble plaire donc j’y songe 😉

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