I was very busy lately so I didn’t have the chance to really catch up with my Art Digest. To compensate I tried to post daily pictures and videos on my Instagram and Snapchat (@thebubblistarty) accounts which seemed to please you as  more and more of you are joining me everyday. I’m so grateful to see that an art blog is getting so much attention because let’s face it fashion, beauty and food are running the blogosphere  probably as more people identified as foodie or trend lovers than art aficionados.

The last couple of weeks were quiet hectic as I said, my friend Sarah came to visit so we delved into the London art scene together. As you can imagine we stopover many galleries and museums so I will just mention my highlights, the ones you absolutely have to go to if you are in London and curious to see some quality exhibitions.

Tightrope Walk : Painted Images after Abstraction” at the White Cube Gallery curated by Barry Schwabsky is an absolute delight for both the eyes and the soul. Presenting the works of 55 artists from Picasso to Alex Katz, the exhibition focuses on the thin line between figurative and abstract art. Go, you will no regret it.

My second art crush was for Liu Jianhua‘s delicate ceramic porcelain works at Pace Gallery. I did not know his work, but my interest for ceramics is really growing lately so I was sensitive to his pieces and the way he gives a modern twist to an ancestral technic. I also recommend while we are talking ceramics, the Chinese section at the British Museum were they keep beautiful porcelains.  The Pace is also presenting works by John Hoyland, Sir Anthony Caro and Kenneth Noland, exploring the friendship and affinities between the three artists. A must go too.

Your third stop should be at the David Zwirner Gallery to see Raoul De Keyser exhibition “Drift”. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know much about that wonderful Belgian artist, his abstract paintings which look quiet simple and minimal from the outside are actually intense and invite the viewer to enter a state of contemplation which I liked. On view until January 23rd.

My last highlight (but not the least) is the UK/RAINE exhibition at Saatchi and their preview of the upcoming show “Champagne Life”.Uk/raine ” (…) is the first ever open competition for all emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine who are between the ages of 18-35″. Most of the art medium are represented (sculpture, painting, video, installation,…), it’s really refreshing to discover and support young emerging talents especially when you know the struggle it is to make it as an artist today.

This list could go on forever, I took Sarah to the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern and even though I went many times, I always discover a new artwork. In a different style I really recommend the British Museum (I will probably go back really soon as it is gigantic), the place itself is breathtaking and the collections will make you travel in time. We also had an amazing time at the National Gallery as you will see on the pictures.


Jonas Wood at White Cube
Alex Katz at White Cube
Venus by Velasquez at the National Gallery
Kenneth Noland at Pace Gallery
Geroges Condo at Tate Modern
Adeline De Monseignat at Saatchi Gallery
Alex Katz at White Cube
Alex Katz at White Cube
Alice Anderson at Saatchi Gallery
Stephanie Quayle at Saatchi Gallery
Alice Anderson at Saatchi Gallery
Dis/Order at Saatchi Gallery
David Hockney at Tate Britain
National Gallery
Raoul De Keyser at David Zwirner Gallery
Tate Modern //Turbine Hall
Van Gogh at the National Gallery
British Museum
Bazelitz at Tate Modern
Renoir at the National Gallery
Liu Jianhua at Pace Gallery
Kenneth Noland at Pace Gallery
Raoul De Keyser at David Zwirner Gallery
Chinese porcelaine at the British Museum

Hope you enjoy this big art digest.

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4 replies on “Eva’s Art Digest : Week of November 23rd

  1. Such a gorgeous art digest. You are so lucky to have access to so many exhibition. I’m following from Portugal and we don’t have that much. Thank you for sharing. Also I love your Instagram account!!

    1. Thank you Lucia (sorry for publishing and answering your sweet message so late), I know I’m lucky to live in all these wonderful cities with such vibrating art scene. I would love to come back visit Portugal it’s been a while. Love and hugs from London

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