I received a lot of emails lately asking for exhibition recommendations, mostly from readers who are visiting London for short stays. As you may noticed, I used to publish a weekly art guide while I was in Tel Aviv and in Brussels as I felt that the communication regarding openings and art shows was not always on point.

In London it’s quiet the opposite, in few clicks you have all the information that you need regarding what’s on, but as you said in your mails it’s TOO MUCH info which can be overwhelming. So to make it more transparent for you, from time to time I will share opening suggestions. As usual it is obviously not an exhaustive list, so feel free to share with us your own tips.

O P E N I N G   O N   T U E S D A Y 

Courtesy of @whitecubegallery

OPENING : Nov. 24th at 6 pm. Runs until Jan. 24th

EXHIBITION : The Banners

ARTIST(S) : Gilbert & George

VENUE : White Cube Gallery : 144-152 Bermondsey Street, London


Courtesy of @carlfreedmangallery
Courtesy of @carlfreedmangallery

OPENING : Nov. 24th at 6 pm. Runs until Jan. 23th

EXHIBITION Portrait of a Farm

ARTIST(S) : David Brian Smith

VENUE : Carl Freedman Gallery : 29 Charlotte Road, London


Courtesy of @saatchigallery
Courtesy of @saatchigallery

OPENING : Nov. 24th. Runs until Jan. 3rd


ARTIST(S) : Group exhibition (30 artists)

VENUE : Saatchi Gallery : Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London


Oliver McConnie, Factory Town, 2015. Courtesy @ICA
Oliver McConnie, Factory Town, 2015. Courtesy @ICA

OPENING : Nov. 24th at 7pm. Runs until Jan. 24th

EXHIBITION : Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015

ARTIST(S) : Works by 37 of the most outstanding artists emerging from UK art schools.

VENUE : ICAInstitute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London


O P E N I N G   O N  W E D N E S D A Y

Courtesy @serpentinegallery
Courtesy @serpentinegalleries

OPENING : Nov. 25th. Runs until Feb. 14th

EXHIBITION : Transience

ARTIST(S) : Michael Craig-Martin

VENUE : Serpentine Galleries : Kensington Gardens, London

NOTESimon Denny‘s exhibition “Products for Organising” is opening at the same time.

Courtesy of @davidzwirnergallery
Courtesy of @davidzwirnergallery

OPENING : Nov. 25th at 6pm. Runs until Jan. 23th


ARTIST(S) :Raoul De Keyser

VENUE : David Zwirner Gallery : 24 Grafton Street, London

NOTE : ” Early Mondrian“, paintings by Piet Mondrian from 1900-1905  is opening at the same time.


O P E N I N G   O N   T H U R S D A Y


 Gavin Turk, 'Mechanical Turk', © the artist

Gavin Turk, ‘Mechanical Turk’, © the artist

OPENING : Nov. 26th. Runs until Feb. 7th

EXHIBITION : Wittgenstein’s Dream

ARTIST(S) : Gavin Turk

VENUE : Freud Museum20 Maresfield Gardens , London

I wish you all an Oh So Arty week in London and wherever you are.

Cover Picture : Mike Bruce @Michael Craig-Martin. Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery

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2 replies on “Art Guide : 7 Exhibitions Opening in London This Week

    1. Je ne vous oublieeeeee pas nooonn jaaamaiisss . Bientôt on reparle de Bruxelles la belle sur le blog avec des appels à artistes et un super projet monté par des copines belges. En attendant je t’invite à lire ou relire mon post sur les 10 façons de connecter avec la scène arty Bruxelloise. Plein de bons tips to keep it arty dans la capital de l’europe. Bisous

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