I wrote about Guy Yanai few times on the blog. When I arrived in Israel 3 years ago, he was one of the first artist who openned me his studio and I was straight away fond of his work. More intellectual that it might appear at first sight, and filled with contemporary cultural references, Yanai’s bold artwork is perfectly described by Rod Barton Gallery “(…) capture a visual culture somewhere between modern art and Tumblr”. I also have to mention the way he gives texture and relief to his canvases with meticulous horizontal brush strokes, it really animates the paintings and gives them a deepness.

I didn’t know Rafe Mullarkey designs, but his limited edition furniture made from solid hardwood is simply gorgeous. We can see a successful fusion between old and contemporary aesthetic with a real sense of details. It works well with Guy Yanai’s paintings.

The exhibition is on until December 12th at Rod Barton Gallery in Peckham.












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2 replies on “Short Series : Guy Yanai & Rafe Mullarkey at Rod Barton Gallery

  1. His work is beyond beautiful. I hope he will have a show in Poland sometimes. Thanks for sharing gorgeous girl. MWAH!

  2. Pav! I know you from Snapchat! So happy you are following the blog! Yanai career is really expending fast so who knows he might come to Cracow sometimes. I’m sending you my love dear.

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