The “Shorts” are part of a new series of spontaneous posts mixing brief writing, pictures, and unedited videos that I will share every time I  go visit an exhibition or an artist studio. Hope that you will enjoy this little “raw” project.

On Tuesday I went to visit the Tate Modern‘s permanent collections . The building is currently in renovation and unfortunately you can  feel it, but despite this inconvenience the museum remains a must see for whoever is in London .

The Turbine Hall always takes my breath away, while working on the future museum at the beginning of the 90’s the architects in charge  Herzog & De Meuron decided to keep this huge space that was housing the electricity generators of the old power station to turn it into a social/gathering place. The Turbine Hall is for me the heart of the Tate, that’s were they present powerful site specific installations by renown artists. For those of you who wonder what’s the massive crack that is going through the floor of the Turbine Hall, here is a pretty poetic explanation from the artist Doris Salcedo:

The Tate Modern is a place were you can discover or rediscover artworks and artists who made and are still making the modern and contemporary art history. During this visit you were a bit more than a hundred following my “story” on Snapchat (thebubblistarty), for those of you who missed it or are not on the famous social network (yet), here are the highlights of my art tour (I promised I will get better at this filming thing) :

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at the Tate Modern, feel free to send me an email at to let me know what you think of the video, what you would like me to show in my future shorts, or even which exhibition you would like to discover through it.



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