The “Shorts” are part of a new series of spontaneous posts mixing brief writing, pictures, and unedited videos that I will share every time I  go visit an exhibition or an artist studio. Hope that you will enjoy this little “raw” project.


Jimmie Durham‘s exhibition ” Various items and Complaints” at the Serpentine Gallery is without a doubt the best show I’ve seen so far in London. As presented by the gallery, Durham is an american  artist, poet, essayist and political activist living in Berlin, the multifaceted nature of his personality is exemplified in his work which includes diverse mediums that he uses to convey his thoughts.

The exhibition is presenting video, drawings, sculptures, text, installations, and collected items. He often uses text in conjunction with other mediums to give a witty character to otherwise mundane objects. There is a lot of humour and irony in his art and in the way he approaches his work. From the moment you enter the gallery you are enveloped by the presence of Durham, his work befriends you, and by the end of the tour you feel  a sense of companionship with the artist.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at the Tate Modern, feel free to send me an email at to let me know what you think of the video, what you would like me to show in my future shorts, or even which exhibition you would like to discover through it.



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