I’m so happy and excited to be back in Brussels after nine long months without seeing the “plat pays”. The timing could not be more perfect as the new art season is kicking with a HUGE exhibition programme filled with oh so promising art shows and events. I hesitated before making this little Agenda for you dear readers as the Brussels Art Days plan/map is pretty straight forward and holds most of the information you need to transform a simple weekend in Brussels into an artsy experience. But  I decided to list here the exhibitions I’m particularly looking forward to, as I know that sometimes too much choices can be overwhelming. I always try to “craft” for myself the perfect art tour when I know that I’m going to go visit few art galleries, be your own curator and make the best of theses Brussels Art Days by visiting both commercial galleries and non-profit art space in order to have a “fair” image of the Brussels art scene. Engage with people, art galleries are not silent impersonal locations, in my opinion they should be see as forums to talk and debate.

If you can’t make it this weekend, feel free to join me on Snapchat at thebubblistarty, or on Instagram at @the_bubblist as I will be sharing pictures and videos.

O P E N I N G    T H I S    T H U R S D A Y


OPENING : September10th at 5pm

ARTIST(S) : Louise Bourgeois

EXHIBITION :Les têtes bleues et les femmes rouges

VENUE : Xavier Hufkens


OPENING : September 10th at 7pm

ARTIST(S) : Hell’O


VENUE : ALICE Gallery at Bozar

DETAILS : “Art On Paper” is taking over Bozar this year, presenting 25 solo shows. Don’t miss it!

O P E N I N G    T H I S    F R I D A Y

Courtesy of Rodolphe Janssen Gallery

OPENING : September 11th at 12pm

ARTIST(S) : Chris Martin


VENUE : Rodolphe Janssens Gallery

Courtesy of Rodolphe Janssen Gallery

OPENING : September 11th at 12pm

ARTIST(S) : Torbjørn Rødland

EXHIBITION : I am a Photograph

VENUE : Rodolphe Janssens Gallery



OPENING : September 11th until September 13th

ARTIST(S) : 25 solo exhibitions

EXHIBITION : Art On Paper // Drawing Fair

VENUE : Bozar

DETAILS : Discover the full program of the event right here.


OPENING : September 11th at 12 pm

ARTIST(S) : Matthias Bitzer

EXHIBITION : Root / Ruin / Rhapsody

VENUE : Almine Rech Gallery



OPENING : September 11th at 6pm


EVENT: Wiels Art Book Fair

VENUE : Wiels

DETAILS : Don’t miss the release party of the WORD Magazine new edition at Wiels on the ground floor space.



OPENING : September 11th at 6 pm

ARTIST(S)Valerian Goalec


VENUE Stems Gallery



OPENING : September 11th at 6pm

ARTIST(S) : Group exhibition curated by Amandine Wittouck

EXHIBITION : Louise 186

VENUE : 186 avenue Louise

DETAILS : A gigantic empty building on Avenue Louise temporally used to present an exhibition reuniting about 20 local artists. A must go.



OPENING : September 11th at 6pm

ARTIST(S) :Raphael Denis & Chen Yujun

EXHIBITION : Dynamics of Sources

VENUE : Feizi Gallery


There is many other openings and art event in Brussels over the weekend so don’t forget to check the program of the Brussels Art Days, and also don’t miss Design September. As usual feel free to share with us your recommendations in the comment section or by email at infothebubblistblog@gmail.com or on Facebook.

Have all a beautiful weekend in Brussels


Cover Picture courtesy of Art On Paper

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