It’s been a month I didn’t post any new content on the blog. I “unplugged” myself and it felt strangely good even though every time I was discovering something new I couldn’t help it to format a potential article in my head.

I’m leaving Tel Aviv in less than a week, so it was very important for me to fully enjoy my last month in this oh so special city. I dedicated my time to my friends, to travel around, to some beach bounding, to sit in my favourites eateries and coffee shops (kuddos to Café Xoho that we love since our first day in Tel Aviv), to sport, and of course to museums and art galleries. Except some pictures and videos I did not really documented my arty visits this summer, I should always take some notes after an exhibition to keep it in mind. Even though I didn’t post anything in August the activity on the blog was absolutely amazing. A lot of you used my art guides and my very useful “Ten Ideas to Connect with the Tel Aviv Art Scene” to make their Telavivian summer more artsy, so thank you for that and welcome to the 162 new readers who signed up in August to the blog (when I’m settled in London I will start to edit a monthly Newsletter as I know it will be more handy than receiving the new articles one by one in your mailbox).

Before flying to Brussels, and completing our move to London in the next following weeks, I wanted to share with you a last Must-See Art Guide from the White City. For those who wonder how to blog is going to evolve, I’m planning to keep the same guideline and explore the contemporary art scene in London with you, the format will slightly change and new categories will appear but it will stay in The Bubblist spirit. I’m not forgetting Tel Aviv of course, personal projects will keep me linked to this creative hub so fresh updates about the non-stop city will come your way.

To celebrate the beginning of September and of the new art season, a lot of exhibitions are opening this Thursday in Tel Aviv. Don’t forget to join me on Instagram and on Facebook to get the last updates and pictures of what’s on in the city.

O P E N I N G    T H I S    W E E K

Guy Yanai, Bye Torino (2014-15)
Guy Yanai, Bye Torino (2014-15)

OPENING : September 3rd at 8pm

EXHIBITION : Words Without Letters

ARTIST(S) : A.Ben-Gal, T. Gahl , R.Howard, G. Rubin, & G. Yanai

VENUE : Alon Segev Gallery : 6 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv

DETAILS : A group show of five painters organised by Guy Yanai. The exhibition is accompanied by a full colour catalog designed by The Studio.



OPENING : September 3rd at 6pm

EXHIBITION : Animalism by La Culture

ARTIST(S) : Group exhibition

VENUE : Mazeh 9 : 9 Mazeh St., Tel Aviv

DETAILS : La Culture is back for a new edition presenting illustrations by emerging local talents under the theme “animalism”. The artworks are for sell at very light prices (up to 500 nis).



OPENING : September 3rd at 8pm

EXHIBITION : The 10th anniversary of the death of poet Dalia Ravikovitch

ARTIST(S) : Group exhibition

VENUE : Gabirol : 108 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv

DETAILS : As you may noticed in the streets of Tel Aviv, it’s illustration week in the city. As part of the event, Gabirol is hosting a group show presenting local illustrators.



OPENING : September 3rd at 7.30 pm


ARTIST(S) : Amir Shefet

VENUE : Gordon Gallery : 95 Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv



OPENING : September 3rd at 8 pm

EXHIBITION : The Drawing Class


VENUE : Sommer Gallery : 13 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv


Avital Burg

OPENING : September 3rd at 8 pm

EXHIBITION : Not in One Day

ARTIST(S) :Avital Burg , Eleanor Ray, & Naamah Berkovitz

VENUE : Rothschild Fine Art : 48 Yehuda Halevi St., Tel Aviv



OPENING : September 3rd at 8 pm


ARTIST(S) : Hilla Ben Ari & Sheffy Bleier

VENUE : Feinberg Projects Gallery : 3 Hamif’al St., 2nd fl., Tel Aviv



OPENING : September 3rd at 6 pm

EVENT : Regarding Spectatorship

CURATORS :Marianna Liosi and Boaz Levin

VENUE : MoBY: 6 Struma St., Bat Yam

DETAILS : Full program of the evening right here.


This list is non-exhaustive so feel free to add your own art events in the comment section bellow, or to shoot me an email Artists are also more than welcome to contact me for studio visits.

Have all a beautiful week & weekend in Tel Aviv.


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