July is almost over, and I must say that I’m pretty impressed by the quality of the exhibitions this summer. Don’t you have that feeling sometimes that some galleries are just throwing together some pieces of their collection to “create” an exhibition over the summer without any curatorial considerations? But like I said so far so good, the art galleries in Tel Aviv are presenting powerful shows, with interesting content and strong artworks.

As I did not publish an art guide last week, I decided to list today among some fresh openings, the exhibitions that I really enjoyed attending recently. I highly recommend visiting the Alon Segev Gallery for their exhibition “Releasing a Butterfly” presenting artworks by Toony Navok and Eitan Ben Moshe. Even though the style of both artists is very different, Navok’s drawings and Ben Moshe’s sculpture are interacting very well, successfully bringing together the earthy colours of the drawings with the ice cold tones of the sculptures. A very lyrical show.

A L R E A DY   R U N N I N G 

Saâdane Afif // Fairytale Recording
Saâdane Afif // Fairytale Recording

UNTIL : August 29th

EXHIBITION : In Search of Lost Time

ARTIST(S) : Group Show

VENUE : Sommer Gallery : 13 Rothschild Blvd.,Tel Aviv


Capture d’écran 2015-07-28 à 09.21.35

UNTIL : August 29th

EXHIBITION : Conservation

ARTIST(S) : Ariel Reichman

VENUE : Project Room of the Sommer Gallery : 13 Rothschild Blvd.,Tel Aviv


Eitan Ben Moshe // Butterfly Flower
Eitan Ben Moshe // Butterfly Flower

UNTIL : August 28th

EXHIBITION : Releasing a Butterfly

ARTIST(S) : Toony Navok & Eitan Ben Moshe

VENUE : Alon Segev Gallery : 6 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv


O P E N I N G    T H I S    W E E K


Avi Eisenstein // Untitled

OPENING : July 28th (no opening reception)

EXHIBITION : Summer Hanging

ARTIST(S) : David Nipo, Eran Webber, Roni Taharlev, Avi Eisenstein, Benni Efrat, Avigdor Arikha, as well as select works by world renowned artists Frank Auerbach and Lucian Freud

VENUE : Contemporary by Golconda : 117 Herzl Street, Tel Aviv



OPENING : July 30th

EXHIBITION :Image Blockade | Exterritory

ARTIST(S) : Maayan Amir & Ruti Sela

VENUE : CCA : 2 Tsadok HaCohen St., Tel Aviv



OPENING : July 30th

EXHIBITION Captive Portal: What Does the Internet Sound Like?

ARTIST(S) :Brian House

VENUE : CCA : 2 Tsadok HaCohen St., Tel Aviv



FROM : July 30th at 11 am to August 1st until 2pm

DETAILS : “We are more than happy to invite you for summer celebration of all the art galleries in Kiryat Hamelacha in south of TLV for a cultural weekend with extended hours and special events”.

A perfect opportunity to discover this upraising area filled with some of the best galleries in the city. For more information join the Facebook event.


This list is non-exhaustive so feel free to add your own art events in the comment section bellow, or to shoot me an email at infothebubblistblog@gmail.com. Artists are also more than welcome to contact me for studio visits.

Have all a beautiful week & weekend in Tel Aviv.


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