Last Friday I finally had the chance to go see some exhibitions after a forced break (that felt like forever). I recommend the group show “Shibboleth” that is currently in view at the Dvir Gallery, and will be on during the whole summer. They present few really strong pieces by artists such as Simon Fujiwara, Dor Guez or Mircea Cantor. If you like art that is not obvious and a bit conceptual you will love the exhibition.

La Culture is back this weekend for a new affordable art event, in the oh so trendy Kuli Alma this time. It is definitely one of the best pop up exhibition in town to discover emerging talents and get yourself a meaningful piece of art at a reasonable price. Nice vibes only.

Don’t forget also about the exhibition “Non Finito” that opened on July 14, this is the third group exhibition from artists-in-residence at ArtPort Tel Aviv (the Center for Young Art).

O P E N I N G    T H I S    T H U R S D A Y

Tom Reznikov

OPENING : July 16th AT 6pm until July 18th AT 8pm

EXHIBITION : La Culture // Load Exhibition

ARTIST(S) : Group Show

VENUE : Kuli Alma : 10 Mikve Yisra’el St., Tel Aviv

NATALIA ZOURABOVA, Ester Modeling, 2015
NATALIA ZOURABOVA,Ester Modeling,2015

OPENING : July 16th AT 8pm

EXHIBITION : New Barbizon Group : Works on Paper

ARTIST(S) : O. Kundina / N. Zourabova / Z. Cherkassky / A. Lukashevsky

VENUE : Rosenfeld Gallery : 1 Shvil HaMif’al St., Tel-Aviv

unnamed (1)

OPENING : July 16th AT 8pm

EXHIBITION : Objective

ARTIST(S) :Ezri Tarazi & Haim Parnas

VENUE : Tower of David Museum : Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

O P E N I N G   T H I S   S A T U R D A Y


OPENING : July 18th AT 8.30 pm

EXHIBITION :Sound art exhibition as part of Tzlil Meudcan Festival

ARTIST(S) : Group Show + Concerts

VENUE : Chelouche Gallery : 7 Mazeh St., Tel Aviv


OPENING : July 18th AT 12 pm

EXHIBITION : Curatorial Walk Through by Chen Tamir

ARTIST(S) : Toony Navok and Oliver Laric’s exhibitions

VENUE : CCA : 2 Tsadok HaCohen St., Tel Aviv

This list is non-exhaustive so feel free to add your own art events in the comment section bellow, or to shoot me an email at Don’t forget that galleries and museums are open over the weekends.

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