There are few exhibitions opening this weekend in Tel Aviv so I thought I will share them with you. I did not had the time to attend any art shows during the last couple of days, but I really recommend you to stop by the Hezi Cohen Gallery to see Gilad Ophir’s New Works and also to visit the Braverman Gallery which is celebrating its 10 years anniversary with an interesting group exhibition.

Little reminder for the ones who wonder sometimes what to do in Tel Aviv over the weekends that does not involve the beach : most of the art galleries and museums are open on Fridays and Saturdays.

O P E N I N G    T H I S    T H U R S D A Y


Capture d’écran 2015-07-02 à 09.04.01

OPENING : July 2 AT 8pm

EXHIBITION : Hotel Bezalel

ARTIST(S) : Group Show // by students from the 1st year of the MFA Bezalel

VENUE : 6 Abulafia St., Tel Aviv


Maya Israel

OPENING : July 2 AT 8pm

EXHIBITION :Midday Summer Dream

ARTIST(S) : Group Exhibition

VENUE : Feinberg Projects : 2 Hamif’al St., 2nd floor, Tel Aviv



OPENING : July 2 AT 8pm

EXHIBITION : Love Me Love Me Not

ARTIST(S) : Rami Maymon & Daniel Tsal

VENUE : STA Gallery : 25 Ha’aliyah St., Tel Aviv


120-100 2014 (2)

OPENING : July 2 AT 8pm


ARTIST(S) : Anne F. Ben-or

VENUE : Rothschild Fine Art Gallery : 48 Yehuda Halevi St., Tel Aviv


O P E N I N G   T H I S   F R I D A Y


Gustavo Sagorsky

OPENING : July 3rd AT 12pm


ARTIST(S) : Sagorsky // Kotler // Orr

VENUE : Indie Gallery : 5 Shvil Hameretz, Tel Aviv


O P E N I N G   T H I S    S A T H U R D A Y


Yossi Breger, Book #22, New York, 2014
Yossi Breger, Book #22, New York, 2014

OPENING : July 4th

EXHIBITION :Shibboleth

ARTIST(S) : Group Show

VENUE : Dvir Gallery : 14 Reshit Hochma St., Tel Aviv


This list is non-exhaustive so feel free to add your own art events in the comment section bellow, or to shoot me an email at

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