June already started with some great art shows in Tel Aviv, but more is about to come. I wanted to share with you some exhibitions to attend during this month, because summer is not only about beaching, drinking ice coffee, and endless night chilling on your friends’s rooftop (or is it?). Art and culture should be part of our daily routine all year long, as there is nothing better to open your mind, and enhance your curiosity and knowledge.

My big art crush so far was the incredible group show “Workplace” which is in view at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art until October 31st.

This list is non-exhaustive so feel free to add your own art events in the comment section bellow, or to shoot me an email at infothebubblistblog@gmail.com. The list will probably extend during the month.

Detail from Jennifer Abessira’s work” Alone Together”

UNTIL: June 20th

EXHIBITION : The 2015 Bezalel MFA Graduates Show

ARTIST(S) : Group Show

VENUE : 60 Salama St., Tel Aviv



UNTIL: June 13th


ARTIST(S) : Yossi Mark

VENUE Chelouche Gallery : 7 Mazeh St., Tel Aviv


Capture d’écran 2015-06-07 à 17.20.56

UNTIL: June 26th


ARTIST(S) : Tamar Nissim

VENUE Indie Gallery : 5 Shvil Hameretz, Tel Aviv


Capture d’écran 2015-06-07 à 16.56.00
Thomas Struth, City Hall Tel Aviv, 2011

UNTIL: September 5th


ARTIST(S) : Group Show

VENUE : Tel Aviv Museum of Art (main building)

FOLLOW : “This Place” is a huge photographic project, join them on IG.



UNTIL: July 18th

EXHIBITION : Rounding Up the Hours – Untitled

ARTIST(S) : Hilla Toony Navok & Olivier laric

VENUE : CCA : 2 Tsadok HaCohen, Tel Aviv



UNTIL: July 14th

EXHIBITION : Variations I – V

ARTIST(S) :Pnina Reichman

VENUE : Gordon Gallery 2 : 4 Natan Hachacham St., Tel Aviv


Capture d’écran 2015-06-07 à 17.50.44

UNTIL: June 27th

EXHIBITION : A Guided Tour Inside My Grave

ARTIST(S) :Roee Rosen

VENUE : Rosenfeld Gallery : 1 Shvil HaMif’al St., Tel-Aviv




UNTIL: June 13th

EXHIBITION : Forever and a Day

ARTIST(S) : Arik Miranda // Artist Talk on June 9th at 6 pm

VENUE : Hezi Cohen Gallery : 54 Wolfson St.,Tel Aviv


Capture d’écran 2015-06-07 à 18.05.40

OPENING : June 11th at 8pm


ARTIST(S) : Shahar Yahalom

VENUE : Noga Gallery : 60 Ehad Ha’Am St., Tel Aviv



OPENING : June 11th at 8pm


ARTIST(S) : Group Show (celebration of the gallery’s 10th anniversary)

VENUE : Braverman Gallery :12b Hasharon St., Tel Aviv



OPENING : June 11th at 8pm

EXHIBITION : Note to Self

ARTIST(S) : Signor Gi

VENUE : 8 Kikar Kdumim, Yafo


OPENING : June 11th at 8pm

EXHIBITION : Things as they are

ARTIST(S) : Liat Elbling

VENUE : Julie M. Gallery : 10 Betzalel Yafe St., Tel Aviv



OPENING : June 13th at 6pm until 10pm

EXHIBITION : Art Book Sales in the Sculpture Garden


VENUE :Tel Aviv Museum of Art : 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, Tel Aviv



OPENING : June 25th AT 8pm

EXHIBITION : Street Capture

ARTIST(S) :  Group Show

VENUE : Tiroche Auction House : Kikar de Shalit, Herzeliya Pituah



OPENING : June 25th AT 8pm


ARTIST(S) :  Adi Nachshon

VENUE : Raw Art Gallery : 3 Shvil Ha’Meretz St., Building 8, 4th floor, Tel Aviv

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