A couple of weeks ago I finally discovered in the flesh Gideon Rubin’s paintings. It was love at first sight. The Israeli born artist who is now living and working in London, easily captured my intention with his anonymous figures inspired from old Chinese magazines : “During my recent residency at the ‘Da Wang Cultural Highland’ in Shenzhen, China, I painted on Chinese magazines published in China until the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in 1966, when they were then regarded as not communist enough” explained Rubin in the exhibition text 

The painter’s inspiration is often draw from vintage photographs or magazines that he collects from all around the globe, borrowing from theses images their protagonists and their stories. Rubin has his very own style in the way he addresses his portraits, from the colours tones he choses, from the manner he paints the canvas with thick brush strokes, but mostly from the way he is constantly erasing the features of his models. “Blue House” is filled with theses anonymous women, who are they? What are they doing here? Many questions come to our mind while we are visiting the show, but the aesthetic is really pleasant too. Even though it is very different in many ways, some of his back portraits and the tones he uses made me think to the Belgian artist Michaël Borremans.

I’m really looking forward for his upcoming exhibition “Memory Goes as Far as this Morning” at the Herzliya Museum. In the meantime don’t miss is current show at the Alon Segev Gallery until June 12.

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