April is definitely a month of celebration and remembrance here in the Holy Land, that is partially why I took a little break from blogging even though I never really stopped attending exhibitions and sharing it with you through our Facebook page and Instagram.

Today I wanted to design a short art guide dedicated to the end of April as some really cool and inspirational arty events are taking place in Tel Aviv. Since Know Hope‘s exhibition at the Gordon Gallery and the amazing “Turn On” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, I did not see an art show I was very enthusiastic about but April is not over yet so let’s explorer what the city as to offer.


OPENING : April 25th at 8 pm

EXHIBITION : How Is Your Heart?

ARTIST(S) : Tamir Sher

VENUE : 5 Kalischer St., Tel Aviv


Capture d’écran 2015-04-22 à 09.12.28

OPENING : April 28th at 7 pm

PANEL : Case in Point: Curator as In-House Artist

SPEAKERS : Chris Sharp, Marc-Olivier Wahler, and Jennifer Krasinski

VENUE : CCA : 2 Tsadok HaCohen St., Tel Aviv

READ MORE ABOUT IT : “Artis and the Center for Contemporary Art are pleased to co-present an evening exploring two distinct institutions that offer creative freedom and operate as intimate curatorial models”. Continue Here.



OPENING : April 29th at 7 pm

EXHIBITION : The Sick Man of Europe

ARTIST TALK : Dor Guez discusses his exhibition with artist Yael Bartana

VENUE : CCA : 2 Tsadok HaCohen St., Tel Aviv

READ MORE ABOUT IT : “The event is presented in conjunction with “The Sick Man of Europe,” which includes “The Architect,” currently on view at the CCA in Tel Aviv”. Continue Here.



OPENING : April 30th at 7.30 pm

EXHIBITION + BOOK LAUNCHWhile They Were Moving, They Were Moved

ARTIST(S)Noa Yekutieli

VENUE : Gordon Gallery 2 : 4 Natan Hachacham St., Tel Aviv

Capture d’écran 2015-04-22 à 09.38.00

OPENING : April 30th at 8 pm


ARTIST(S) : Gideon Rubin

VENUE : Alon Segev Gallery : 6 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv


unnamed (7)

OPENING : April 30th at 8 pm


ARTIST(S) : Orly Maiberg

VENUE : Noga Gallery : 60 Ehad Ha’am St.Tel-Aviv



OPENING : April 30th at 7.30 pm

EXHIBITION Charred. Rusted. Drawings

ARTIST(S) : Aviva Uri, Yair Garbuz, and Yaacov Dorchin

VENUE : Gordon Gallery : 95 Ben Yehuda St., Tel-Aviv


unnamed (8)

OPENING : April 30th at 8pm

EXHIBITION : Group Portrait

ARTIST(S) : Tali Ben Bassat

VENUE : Julie M. Gallery : 10 Betzalel Yafe St., Tel Aviv



OPENING : April 30th at 8pm

EXHIBITION Cut by Demand #3 – Garden of Earthly Delights

ARTIST(S) : Dioz and Signor Gi

VENUE : Jaffa Salon of Art : Namal Yafo, warehouse 2



OPENING : April 30th at 8pm

EXHIBITION : Furrow Industry

ARTIST(S) : Itay Zalait

VENUE : P8 Gallery :  79 Yehuda Halevi St.,Tel Aviv


As always keep sending me your suggestions either by email infothebubblistblog@gmail.com or in the comment section bellow.


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