It’s been a couple weeks that I’m thinking about the burning subject of the cultural boycott of Israel. How to talk about it without people thinking that I’m biased (which I’m not)? How to accept something that we can’t change? How to dissociated people from their government or from the political situation of their country? How to boycott people?

I decided to share with you two articles, a very interesting one from Haaretz  about the impact of the cultural boycott on the Israeli contemporary art scene by , and one from The Guardian about the 100 artists who publicly announced 5 days ago that they were part of the cultural boycott of Israel.

I think that boycotting a country’s culture is a very important matter. I truly believe in the power of art and culture, and as much as I can try to understand the idea behind a boycott I will never understand that someone refuses to work with an artist or curator because he/she is Israeli. Boycotting a gouvernement, boycotting products, boycotting political ideas is discutable but boycotting people because of where they were born and live is beyond me.

Culture and art are here to build bridges, to open minds, to grow up, to aknowledge differences, to share, to learn, to elevate yourself. Boycotting has consequences that we have to think about. I fully encourage or understand some boycotts, but I can’t fully agree on this one. It is easy to boycott a full nation without trying to get to know individuals, it takes more courage to come here and meet the people who are part of this art world.

Since I started the blog almost two years ago I only had positive feedbacks from followers from all around the globe, curious and open minded enough to learn more about the Tel Aviv art scene despite the political situation. I can’t be more happy about the fact that the blog became a platfom of exhanges that connect people from all places, religions, backgrounds and convictions in complete respect. I think culture and art should be seen as a solution toward peace and not as an obstacle.

Peace out

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