As you might have noticed I stopped publishing my weekly arty recommendations lately. After almost a year and an half of blogging I feel that it is time to rethink the blog format, to go for a more spontaneous writing and approach now that The Bubblist has a strong (and amazing) reader base. The success of the blog is strangely allowing me more freedom, I always seen it as a platform of experimentation that aimed to make contemporary art accessible to everyone and I really want to push it more in that direction by staying as faithful as possible to the real nature of the blog, but also by introducing new ways of sharing and thinking art . Many projects and ideas are about to take form, and I can’t wait to share them with you my dears.

In the meantime, even though I’m currently living in Tel Aviv I can’t help myself to keep an eye on what is happening in Brussels as I’m trying to come home as much as I can. Many exhibitions are opening in November in the Belgian capital, but five particularly caught our intention :


OPENING : November 6th & November 27th AT 6 pm

EXHIBITION : Fake Heads and Escape Plans

ARTIST(S) : Atelier Pica Pica

VENUE : Alice Gallery : 4 rue du Pays de Liège, 1000 Brussels

WHY ? : For its 10 years anniversary, the oh so cool Alice Gallery invited the Liège based art collective Atelier Pica Pica to move their studio in the gallery space for a three months residency. It is always interesting to discover an artwork designed in situ, to be able to feel its creation process. Many talks and collaboration happened (and probably are still happening) over the residency, focusing mainly on collage, drawing, printing and painting. A must discover.


OPENING : November 6th AT 6pm

EXHIBITION : “Figure, Space & Time” // “You and Me, Better Be”

ARTIST(S) : Joachim Bandau // Alex Clarke

VENUE : Super Dakota Gallery : 45 rue Washington, 1050 brussels

WHY ? : An acclaimed multi-medium German minimalist artist, and a young emerging British artist graduated from the very cool Central St. Martins will both open their new solo shows in Brussels. I don’t know about you but for me it sounds like an interesting mix.


OPENING : November 18th AT 6 pm

EXHIBITION : Dark Incandescence

ARTIST(S) : Elizabeth Peyton

VENUE : Gladstone Gallery : 12 rue du Grand Cerf, 1000 Brussels

WHY ? : To see the paintings of a major american contemporary artist. Her artworks are collected by leading world museums so we are absoltely not surprised that a gallery like Gladstone is presenting her in Brussels. Fascinated by celebrities, her way of portraying people is simply unique.


OPENING : November 20th AT 5 pm

EXHIBITION : La Bruche du Haricot

ARTIST(S) : John Armleder

VENUE : Almine Rech Gallery : 20 rue de l’Abbaye, 1050 Brussels

WHY ? : “John M Armleder is one of the most important and influential Swiss artists of his generation. With his stylistic breadth and vocabulary, he has created an inimitable universe of diverse works that oscillate fluidly between the fields of art, design, concept, geometry, Pop and Trash”* One of my favourite artist.

 Capture d’écran 2014-10-31 à 22.57.49

OPENING : November 20th AT 6 pm

EXHIBITION : New Paintings

ARTIST(S) : PeterJoseph

VENUE : Greta Meert Gallery : 13 rue du canal, 1000 Brussels

WHY ? : Born in 1929 in London, Peter Joseph was very well known for his two-colour paintings (which set one rectangle within a frame of a darker shade). With his very “architectural” paintings and his light brush strokes his work is totally delightful. He makes me think a bit about Mark Rothko in the way of he makes the colours on his canvas vibrating.


INTERSTICES #4 : The amazing project by Judith Mierop is coming back for its 4th edition on November 20 with a very eclectic selection : Safia Hijos, Olivier Hennart & David Uzochukwu. More details here.

PETER SUTHERLAND : Amazing solo exhibition by the american artist at the Rodolphe Janssens Gallery on view until November 22. More details here.

Feel free to share with us your art events and recommendations to make sure that we all spend an arty month of November.

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