It is really by accident that we walked into David Reeb‘s exhibition. We were on our way out when attracted by the colourful paintings that we could see from the main hall we decided to make a last stop. And dears, what a stop. I’m totally ashamed to say that I didn’t know who was the artist, however one of his work looked familiar. I remembered seeing it this summer illustrating a text from the Israeli author David Grossman in the newspaper Haaretz. Grossman wrote that day on “Hope and Despair in the Middle East“, and it is exactly how this show felt for me, filled with both hope and despair.

Reeb was born in 1952 in Rehovot (Israel) and is living and working in Tel Aviv. Celebrated painter all over the globe, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is currently presenting “48-60-300“, an exhibition displaying artworks produced during the last twenty years. Through over hundred of images inspired by his daily life as an artist living in Israel but also by the press and medias, Reeb is depicting a rough reality. Oscillating between violence, injustice and somehow poetry, he paints the nature surrounding his scenes with a lot of beauty. Almost like if the nature was trying to take over on a lost humanity, or at least bringing some peaceful breaks into a fearful situation.

It’s obvious that he is a very committed and political artist, we have the feeling that through his paintings and videos and has the urge of documenting what is going on around him from a very personal, but still universal, perspective. Some might think that Reeb has an agenda or is provocative, but I didn’t see it that way. I saw the exhibition almost like a diary, where he is blending the intimate with the public very successfully. Of course there is some critic underneath, but criticism isn’t a bad thing, it helps growing and leading forward. A must go.

CURATED BY : Ellen Ginton

UNTIL : November 29th

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