Guest Post By Salomé Lindenberg


We are oh so lucky to have Salomé has a  contributor for the Bubblist. Salomé is a young Belgian woman,graduated in contemporary art history and in cultural management. She interned and worked for some of the most prestigious institutions in the art world such as Christie’s, and now she is sharing with us all her arty adventures all around the globe.

Francis Bacon

This summer, I was obsessed with making a road trip. I finally opted for Danmark, an incredible country and perfect to be visited in August. Danmark, in addition of its magnificent capital-ciy København, its splendid landscapes and its wild beaches, presents a major asset for an art lover like me : The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Located 30 minutes from Copenhagen, it is very easy to access, and once arrived at destination, you are in another world.

The Louisiana opened its doors in 1958 under the initiave of Knud W. Jensens, who wanted to create from his old villa a museum of Modern Danish Art. However, it quickly became an international museum displaying more than 3,500 internationally renowned pieces of work from artists such as Picasso, Giacometti, Dubuffet, Klein, Warhol, Rauschenberg, Moore, Calder, Bacon, etc.

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Its architecture and environment are clearly related to it. Indeed, the Louisiana is considered as a major work of the Danish modern architecture. In the mid-50, the architects Jørgen Bo and Wilhlem Wohlert were asked to construct a building based on the old villa and the nature surroundings and the result is just perfect.

As I was told that the cafeteria’s view was incredible. In order to enjoy it as much as possible, I decided to arrive at the opening of the museum, 11 am on the dot. After a quick 20 minutes walk in the garden, I went straight to the cafeteria and there, the splendor of the view was confirmed. There, as nobody has arrived yet I was able to peacefully enjoy the view with some carrot cake and scones – heaven on earth! After one hour of contemplation, I finally got to move from my little cosy spot and started my arty visit. I couldn’t go inside yet, so I started my visit in the garden,keeping in sight the magical landscape. This is where I saw the sculptures of artists such as Moore, Dubuffet, Calder, Miró and Ersnt. Even if I already had the opportunity to contemplate some works of these artists in other museums, it was an all new experiment. Imagine yourselves wandering in a complete idyllic garden and discovering in every hidden corner a work of each one of the most infuent artists in Art history!




Giacometti salen med sent lysindfald

Once that my little round was over, my curiosity led me to the inside of the museum. My favorite part was the north wing, where stands a very large collection of Giacometti original sculptures. My favorite moment was when I encounter with a wonderfull Francis Bacon in the Giacometti gallery. I always loved Bacon and it was wonderful to discover this piece in this particular context. The “weeping willow room”, a room with a bay window overlooking a small waterhole surrounded by weeping sauls (my favorite tree)- incredible.

The rest of the visit was full of others surprises. However, each and everyone experiments differently so I suggest you to plan your next city trip to Copenhagen and take the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful museum in the world. The Louisiana Museum, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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