I’ve been wandering around the Tel Aviv art galleries quiet a lot lately, and even if there is no doubt that they are showing some good quality works and interesting artists, I can’t help it to think that the exhibitions are quiet austere and slightly cold . However, I don’t read too much into it and I’m very looking forward for four particular openings this Thursday evening (September 18), that will hopefully bring some colours in the White City. Among the four events, La Culture our favourite affordable art exhibition, is back for its 14th edition presenting over sixty local artists and designers, with this time a special focus on print-making and typography. It’s a great opportunity to discover the artworks of emerging talents, and to purchase very cool and accessible art.

As usual feel free to share with us, in the comment section bellow, the openings you are planning to attend, as this is far away from being an exhaustive list.

Capture d’écran 2014-09-16 à 22.04.57

OPENING : September 18th AT 8 pm

EXHIBITION : Aliyah Market

ARTIST(S) : Tsahi Hacmon & Ishai Shapira Kalter

VENUE : STA Gallery : 25 Ha’Aliah St., Tel Aviv

WHY ? : Because the STA Gallery is so connected with its surrounding that once again they are telling and showing us a story about this area. This time through a typical hyper realistic set up of an Eritrean bar, their focal point will be the not so well known Eritrean community of South Tel Aviv. Following the recent protests around the status and the condition of Eritrean refugees in Israel, it’s a good opportunity to have a look at other aspects of their lives here. I can’t wait for the opening, and to share my impressions about it with you.


OPENING : September 18th AT  7pm

EXHIBITION : La Culture #14 Typography & Print

ARTIST(S) : 65 local artists and designers

VENUE : 9 Mazeh St., Tel Aviv

WHY ? : Because on the top of being able to purchase great art for less than 500 nis, you can get special edition postcards for Rosh Hashana designed by the founders and curators of La Culture, Dar Rotem and Itay Blaish, and by other cool designers.


OPENING : September 18th AT  8pm


ARTIST(S) : Kobi Assaf

VENUE : Zemack Gallery : 68 Hey B-iyar St., Tel Aviv

WHY ? : Because of the way he is using light in his artworks. He is bringing a wave of contemporaneity into painting that could easily look like they were made two centuries ago. A must see.

Capture d’écran 2014-09-16 à 23.13.13

OPENING : September 18th AT 8pm

EXHIBITION : Feels Like Heaven

ARTIST(S) : Group exhibit (full list here)

VENUE : Sommer Gallery : ​13 Rothschild Blvd.,Tel Aviv

WHY ? : Because who doesn’t like original works on paper? This group show is also a great way to discover more about contemporary drawings.

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