I (almost) forgot how different the Israeli contemporary art scene is compared to the one in Europe. After few months spent between Brussels, Paris and London it’s refreshing to be back in Tel Aviv where art is definitely far less institutionalized  and way more accessible.

To celebrate the return of a new art season, I picked up 5 shows that are opening this evening in the white city. As usual feel free to add your recommendations in the comment section bellow.


OPENING : September 4th AT 7.30 pm

EXHIBITION : Discovering Continents

ARTIST(S) : J. Goldman, E. Kandel, S. Moran, I. Or, N. Yekutieli

VENUE : Gordon Gallery 2 : 4 Natan Hachacham St., Tel Aviv

WHY ? : For Noa Yekutieli’s powerful drawings




OPENING : September 4th AT  8 pm

EXHIBITION : Power of Attraction

ARTIST(S) : Group Show (full list here)

VENUE : Rosenfeld Gallery : 1 Shvil HaMif’al St., Tel-Aviv

WHY ? : A great opportunity to discover the Salame neighbourhood and it’s multiple galleries.                                   



OPENING : September 4th AT  8 pm

EXHIBITION : 56 Levanda

ARTIST(S) : Sigal Primor

VENUE : Chelouche Gallery : 7 Mazeh St., Tel Aviv

WHY ? : Between sculpture and architecture, Primor’s work will bring you a fragment of Tel Aviv inside of the gallery space.                                     


Capture d’écran 2014-09-04 à 09.41.25

OPENING : September 4th AT  7.30 pm

EXHIBITION : New Works (2014)

ARTIST(S) : Avner Katz

VENUE : Gordon Gallery : 95 Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv

WHY ? : For his eccentricity. 




OPENING : September 4th AT  8 pm

EXHIBITION : The Vision of Division

ARTIST(S) : Assaf Shaham

VENUE : Braverman Gallery : 12b Hasharon St., Tel Aviv

WHY ? : For his way of perfectly mixing art and political activism. 

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