So peeps, it’s been a week now that I’m living my London adventure, and I must say that I’m loving every parts of it. The city is so vibrating and creative that it literally energise you.

The Sotheby’s Summer Class‘s programme is intense, but very fulfilling. I’m learning everything you have to know about the contemporary art scene in London, but also worldwide with the best teachers you can hope for. As you can imagine there is so many exhibitions, art events and openings to attend and to discover in the city, that it’s hard to see everything.

We are obviously doing a lot of visits with the programme, but I also prepared my own “Wish List” of arty shenanigans to do while I’m here. So when I heard that the performance guru aka Marina Abramović will perform at the Serpentine Gallery I was beyond thrilled, and of course put this pioneer on the top of my list.


The Belgrade born artist masters performance like only few contemporary artist do. For many years now, she is exploring the relation between the audience and the artist, focusing on body expression and the importance of the language. Her body is without a doubt her main tool, I would even say that her body is somehow her art. Probably her biggest performance since “The Artist is Present” in NYC in 2010, “512 Hours” was created especially for the Serpentine Gallery. She will take over the gallery with her unscripted performance six days a week from 10 to 6pm :

Creating the simplest of environments in the Gallery spaces, Abramović’s only materials will be herself, the audience and a selection of common objects that she will use in a constantly changing sequence of events. On arrival, visitors will both literally and metaphorically leave their baggage behind in order to enter the exhibition: bags, jackets, electronic equipment, watches and cameras may not accompany them. The public will become the performing body, participating in the delivery of an unprecedented moment in the history of performance art“*.

Starting on June 11. The admission is free so it’s going to queue hard.

All the information about the event are right HERE.

*Original text

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