My apologises to all the foodies who thought for a second that we were going to talk about chocolate on the blog today. As sweet as its name sounds, “Mon Chéri” is not a candy but a brand new art gallery that opened on April 25 in Brussels. Ideally situated on Régence street, this space became the fiefdom of two Parisians galleries : Galerie Valentin and Galerie Jeanroch Dard.

The story says that it’s in Turin (Italy) over a bite of chocolate Mon Chéri, that the idea of a collaboration between them was born. It is not a secret that Brussels became in few years an arty playground of predilection for French art galleries, but the concept of “Mon Chéri” seems quiet innovative. Their challenge is to offer to the contemporary art world the best young artists that you can find out there.

Last Friday I was pleased to discover “Mon Chéri”. I’m not going to lie, it took me a while before I found the gallery located on the back of a building yard. The place, that was originally an old printing house, is still under construction, which actually gives a cool raw look at the ensemble. It’s big, it’s bright, it’s rough, and incredibly refreshing. The space as a lot of potential and tons of character, which is a very important quality for me as who is not sick at this point of the consensual white cube? “Mon Chéri” will be soon joined at the same address by the Waldburger Gallery , the Jan Mot Gallery, the Catherine Bastide Gallery and the Antwerpen based gallery Micheline Szwajcer . Let’s say that the 67 Régence Street is going to become one of THE place for comtemporary art in Brussels.

Their current exhibition is a group show called “YEAH AND LOOK WHERE IT GOT US“, presenting in their 300 m2 space, the artworks of Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Dora Budor, Gabriele De Santis,Bryan Dooley, Donna Huanca, Eric Mistretta,Piotr Lakomy , and Kasper Sonne. From paintings to installations and sculptures, the exhibition explores different medium but with great harmony. My arty crush? The works of Bryan Dooley that I didn’t know before. His hybrid pieces looks like 3D collages, it’s very aesthetic and smartly done.

Very contemporary and cutting-edge like I love, don’t wait and go get a taste of “Mon Chéri”.

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© The Bubblist 2014

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