Without anyone noticing (by anyone I meant mostly me), Brussels became a frosty city, a niche for talent, a place where international galleries and artists decide to move to, a scene for edgy art and fashion, in short : a cool spot.

After a very arty month of April, I was curious to see what are the exciting artsy highlights of the upcoming month in our dear capital of Europe. So, I prepared for you FOUR arty reasons to look forward for May :



Robert Heinecken : “Lessons in Posing Subjects” 

Without a doubt, one of the exhibition I’m looking the most for. Heinecken was an American photographer who’s work was fundamental in the American pop culture in the 60’s. He worked for magazines, televisions, newspaper, home photography and even in the pornography industry. The MOMA is currently showing a retrospective of his work in New-York, and we are lucky enough that the WIELS will present a new show displaying some of his pictures that he took in the 70’s with a Polaroid SX-70. Curated by Devrim Bayar, the museum will expose the full series of the iconic “Lessons in Posing Subjects”, and focus on this important moment of his career. 

WHEN |  May 16 – August 17

VENUE | Wiels (Contemporary art Center) : 354, Av. Van Volxem 1190 Brussels


Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store

“A Belgian Talents’ Multidisciplinary Exhibition ” says the organising team. The perfect way to dig into the Belgian creative scene through different disciplines such as Visual Art, Fashion, Design, Cinema, Music or Gastronomy. With renowned artist Angel Vergara as an ambassador, I bet that the quality of the selection will be high.

WHEN | May 9 – May 25

VENUE | 44 Prince Albert Street. 1050 Brussels



The Role of Creation in Time of Turbulence

“Taking the exhibition “No country for young men” as starting point, this debate invites to reflect on the impact of social and political turbulence on creation, the role of artists in times of crises, and in general the role of artists in society”*. The debate is organised by BOZAR and Culture Action Europe. 

Before the debate I highly invite you to go have a look at the wonderful exhibition “No Country for Young Men” : Contemporary Greek Art in Time of Crisis. The show displays the work of 30 artists who are focusing on the impact that the crisis had/have on their country. The entrance is free, so no excuse !

WHEN | May 7 AT 8 pm

VENUE | Palais des Beaux-Arts : 23, Rue Ravenstein, 1000 Brussels.


Odyssée Tour // Art By Friend x Chez Beng

The traveling exhibition “Odyssée Tour” created by the collective “Art By Friend” will stop by Brussels and present a very cool local collective named “Chez Beng”. We are going to meet one of his member very soon so stay tuned, and don’t miss this show to connect with the emerging Brussels art scene.

WHEN | May 3 – May 24

VENUE | White and Art Brussels : 46 Rue de Stassart, 1050 Brussels.

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