I was wondering the other day, why some people are still feeling uncomfortable at exhibition’s openings. Are art galleries still intimidating? Is it the usual hipsterish crowd  wearing is consensual uniform that makes you feel like you are not belonging there ? The knowledge and the prestige of some of the guests attending? Not having a clue about who is the artist? Not understanding his/her/their work(s) when everyone seems to have a clear idea of what is going on? Being stared at from head to toe while sipping your Chardonnay in a quiet corner?

Openings in Tel Aviv are incredibly casual, it took me only few weeks to understand that participating to an art reception in the White city wearing comfy sneakers was all fine. Don’t be fooled by this so called coolness though, some people are still there to see and to be seen.

Here are few tips to get through an opening night :

  • Spot the bar (only if you like warm beer).
  • Always look preoccupied or distracted (having a smartphone makes suddenly complete sense).
  • Don’t mix with strangers and stick to the people you already know.
  • Plebiscite a minimalist but stylish look. Remember that its always all about the shoes.
  • If people asks you what do you think about the art, just say you didn’t think about it yet.
  • Don’t Instagram or art selfie yourself too much.
  • Always act amazed.
  • Always act jaded.
  • Disagree with people interpretations or impressions of the exhibition.
  • Engage a conversation with the artist.
  • Leave early.

Or just like I told a dear friend the other night “Who cares?“. Just enjoy the art and the warm beer folks.

Posted by:evakirilof

3 replies on “Billet d’humeur : How to Avoid Exhibition Faux Pas

  1. It’s true, art openings can be very intimidating, not only because of the ‘hipstercrowd’ but also because of the older people who seem to look at you like you don’t know anything about art. I really like this post! Very to the point, I’ll keep it all in mind. 🙂

    1. Hi Kimberly! I know some people are sharing this feeling too. I truly believe that there is no age to appreciate art, everyone experience it with her/his own knowledge, codes and personal story. Everyone should feel like they belong in an art space 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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