The following days are going to be quiet arty busy. Between the openings and the artists talks, I picked up just for you some exhibitions and art events that you surely don’t want to miss.

Rona Stern- 6

Launch of the ZIZ Gallery’s Printshop

The ZIZ Art Space in collaboration with Sternthal Books is launching its Printshop. Featuring twenty Israeli artists, the printshop will offer online, and for 10 days in the gallery space in Tel Aviv, a wide range of quality prints at affordable prices. A smart initiative, and a wonderful opportunity to get your hands on Israeli art.

Artists : Adam Sher, Uri Gershuni, Assaf Shaham, Elad Larom, Elad Armon, Guy Criden, Gali Gurevich, Hadass Satt, Hila Amram, Yoram Kupermintz, Liliana Farber, Michali Baror, Noa Schwartz, Adi Dulza, Adi Fluman, Rona Stern, Rafi Balbirsky,Shay Arick, Sharon Fadida, and Tamir Sher.

When | February 20 AT 8pm

Where | 6 Shvil Ha-Merets, Tel Aviv

Capture d’écran 2014-02-19 à 18.23.50

Group Exhibit – Two Moons on the Shore, a Wind-Up Bird in Norwegian Wood: Haruki Murakami and Contemporary Art

Contemporary by Golconda is located in a old beautiful building a minute away from Rothschild. Focusing on both Israeli and international contemporary art scene, the gallery will present this Thursday a new exhibition curated by Ayelet Zohar.

“Haruki Murakami, possibly Japan’s most notable contemporary author, is known for his juxtaposing style, mixing elements from the mundane, real and fantastic worlds. Like weaving fabric, Murakami’s way of employing varying sources into one continuous plot has a strong cinematic quality, hence attracting visual attention. This exhibition does not necessarily refer to specific Murakami imagery, but is more concerned with his literary strategies: dissecting, cutting and pasting, integrating features that otherwise seemingly reside in worlds apart”*.

Artists : Asim Abu Shakra, Farid Abu Shakra, Tasuku Amada (Japan), Yoonsaing Baik (Korea/ Japan), Dror Ben-Ami, Sanford Biggers (USA), Pesi Girsch, Natsumi Hayashi (Japan), Andrea Hazan, Penny Klepuszewska (UK), Meiro Koizumi (Japan), Nashun Nashunbatu (Mongolia/ Germany), Ayelet Zohar.

When | February 20 AT 8pm

Where | 117 Herzl St. Tel Aviv


Group Exhibit – Common Ground

Currated by Annabelle Shemer, the new group exhibition of the P8 Gallery is a perfect representation of the cooperative spirit.

The exhibition “Common Ground” is a result of the members’ will to exhibit together in P8 cooperative gallery. This exhibition, where each member invited another artist for a small duo-exhibition, is an examination of partnership and collaboration, raising a rather fundamental question: whether a framework founded on a practical basis could lead to artistic insights“**.

When | February 20 AT 8pm

Where | 79 Yehuda Halevi St. Tel Aviv


Aline Alagem – Artist talk

The Israeli artist is going to host a talk about her third solo exhibition at the Artstation Gallery.

The core of Aline Alagem’s third solo exhibition is the image. Alagem seeks to clarify its validity and role, as an outcome of an intensive research. Alagem’s works reveal peaks of beauty and passion and examine the characteristics of the emotional ecstasy it evokes in the viewers“***.

When | February 21 AT 11 am

Where | Hatachana compound, Tel Aviv


Three exhibitions openings at the Dvir Gallery 

Three seems to be a lucky number for the Dvir Gallery since the entered their new space. This Saturday they are presenting three new exhibitions :

Dor Guez‘s exhibit “Pendant Letters”; Orna Bromberg & Boris Mikhailov‘s exhibit “Case History”; Yossi Breger, Latifa Echakhch, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Douglas Gordon, Jonathan Monk, Pavel Wolberg‘s exhibiit “Eclipse.

You will get your dose of contemporary art there for sure. Don’t miss Miroslaw Balka‘s artwork in the Video Room.

 When | February 22 AT 11 am

Where | 14 Reshit Hochma Street, Tel Aviv


Guy Yanai // Not This OR That, This AND That – Artist Talk


Guy Yanai is going to held a talk in Hebrew at the Gordon Gallery. If you are fluent in Ivrit, go discover the inspiring work of this Israeli artist.

When | February 25 AT 7.30 pm

Where |  95 Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv

Also to not miss :

Yair Barak – Speaking Generally : February 20 at Julie M. gallery

* Original text by Ayelet Zohar

** Original text 

*** Original text 

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