It’s been few weeks that I didn’t work on my art guide. Busy with life I guess, and some lack of inspiration for sure. My pleasure to share with you my arty events/openings of the week is definitely back. So where to go? What to see?  Here are some artsy activities that you don’t want to miss.


Mosh Kashi – Ash Dreamer

The Noga Gallery is presenting this Thursday a new solo exhibition by the Israeli born artist Mosh Kashi. His oil paintings on canvas produced over the last past four years will be display in the gallery, presenting different series of works all relating to nature. Landscapes, lonely threes, horizon, and haze are all coming from a dream, or at least from someone subconscious. There is something primal and unreal. Like the light. Is it dawn? Is the night almost there? The treatment of the light, the mist and the precision of his paintbrush gave a dreamy dimension to his work.

When | January 30 AT 8pm

Where | 60 Ehad Ha’am st.Tel-Aviv


Reuven Israel & Joshua Neustein – Paperweight

I’m really looking forward for the Braverman Gallery‘s new exhibition “Paperweight”. I don’t know much about it, but the visuals and the mixing of media sounds promising. Reuven Israel is surely one of my favourite Israeli sculpture. Slightly abstract, he is always sharing through his design some of his personal memories, references, or symbols. His sculptures looks like readymade, very Duchamp, and are incredibly attractive, maybe their colours? Reuven was born in Jerusalem but currently lives and works in New-York. Neustein is a pioneer of Israeli contemporary art. Currently living in New-York, his artwork is definitely conceptual and environmental. I honestly can’t wait for this show.

When | January 30 AT 8pm

Where | 12 B Hasharon st. Tel-Aviv

Capture d’écran 2014-01-30 à 01.05.38

Elham Rokni – Yousef Abad 

Rokni is an Iranian artist who immigrated in Israel in the late 80’s. She is making video installations and drawings inspired from her wonderings, and her life as an immigrant.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art will held her solo exhibition based on her project “Yousef Abad” until the end of April : “The Yousef Abad project deals with searching for the inaccessible. (…) In the works in the exhibition she wanders with a video camera through the Tehran neighborhood of her childhood, from a distance of time and place, seeking to reconstruct and even rebuild memories through images, sounds and texts gleaned from this footage, from her memory and from her cultural environment.”*

When | January 30

Where | 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, Tel-Aviv


Erez Israeli – Berlin 2013

The Givon Gallery is presenting this Friday a new solo show of Erez Israeli. Graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, the artist always worked around themes touching to the collective and personal memory of Israel. He is using mix media, questioning religion, war, and terror.

 When | January 31

Where | 35 Gordon St. Tel-Aviv

Also opening this week :

Gilead Keydar – Selected Works 1+2 at the Gordon Gallery  

Group Exhibition from the Gallery Collection at the Gordon Gallery 2

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