Guest Post By Salomé Lindenberg

We are oh so lucky to have Salomé has a new contributor for the Bubblist. Salomé is a young Belgian woman,graduated in contemporary art history and in cultural management. She interned and worked for some of the most prestigious institutions in the art world such as Christie’s, and now she is digging into the Tel Aviv art scene with a fresh look. 

This week, as I was strolling on the famous Rothschild Boulevard, I decided to go for a visit at the Sommer Contemporary Art gallery, predictable enough… There, I discovered the work of the young and talented Israeli Artist Naama Arad. If like me the first things you are looking for in a work of art are intellectual and spiritual sensations, then this artist is “inescapable”.

Naama Arad was born in Israel in 1985, where she graduated form the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. In 2012, she went to Chicago to finalised her studies with a Master from the Art Institute of Chicago, city where she is currently living.

My first sensation was that I suddenly found myself feeling smaller. From the moment you are entering in the heart of the exhibition, you are surrounded by objects. Even if you don’t recognise these items at first sight, you know them very well. Often in art galleries you do not feel comfortable, but in this case your surroundings are making you confident and ready to explore the different artworks under all their angles and aspects. And that is when you understand that the objects used for the creation of the works are nothing more than large pieces of paper, paper clips and staples. I was especially astonished by the paper clips curtain. That piece of work, despite of his simple constitution was for me full of beauty and poetry.I won’t say more about the others works. To appreciate the exhibition like I did, the surprise effect was essential.Go there, enjoy and live the experience by yourself!

Capture d’écran 2013-12-26 à 09.40.42

Naama Arad 1

Naama Arad 2

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