I hope you all had a smooth transition from 2013 to 2014. As we can all agree (or agree to disagree) that new year resolutions are just useless, let’s just wish that the upcoming year will be as arty as this past one, full of new talents and filled with inspiring and visionary art. Bring it on 2014 !

Where to go? What to see this weekend?

197_030512171241_2Yuri Kats – Straw Man

Kats was born and raised in Ukraine, before moving to Israel where he is still living. Graduated from the Haifa University, he brings us into a world a anonymous figures all facing us in a moment that seems suspended in the time. His brushstrokes give texture to the canvas, and make a haze appearing around the figures. There is a strange feeling emanating from his paintings, something disturbing a bit grotesque. I’m really looking forward to discover that new exhibition that will present at the Gordon Gallery 2, artworks from the last past two years. Note that there is an artist talk on January 17.
When | January 2 AT 7.30 pm
Where  | 4 Natan Hachacham St., Tel Aviv
Shay Arick – Forge

Shay Arick was born in Kfar Saba, and currently lives and works in San Fransisco. Arick will present his first solo exhibition at the very artsy ZIZ Art Space in downtown Tel Aviv :

“(…)an animation of the Pieta scene in which the marble figures of Maria and Jesus are moving towards each other meeting only for a soft kiss; a pile of black shirts that turn snow-white under a constant slow drip of bleach; and a fish condemned to a confinement of an internal swim in a transparent circular plastic tube. In between a forge that melts renaissance masterpieces with Israeli made chemical cleaning supplies and the Catholic Purgatory, where sinners are cleansed before entering Heaven’s Gate, Arick creates a macabre mechanism of video and sculpture that synthesizes circularity and linearity, heavenly and quotidian, sisyphean and redemption, purity and perversion”*

When | January 2 AT 8.00 pm

Where | Shvil Ha-Merets 6, Tel Aviv


Artist Talk with David Adika
David Adika is an Israeli photographer who lives and works in Tel Aviv. I never had the chance to see his artworks, I simply discovered him on the Braverman Gallery’s website few months ago when I started the blog, and I founded his aesthetic quiet interesting. This exhibition will present 46 photographs of the same size that Adika took over the last past year. The title and the exhibition itself plays on the idea of reflection and perspectives. The artist only captured still life, decorative objects to be more precise. The work is static, there is no pulse. It could be a metaphor of our daily lives. The objects are used here as the medium reflecting human’s emotions.
A great opportunity to meet the artist and learn more about this great exhibition.
When | January 3 AT 12.00 pm
Where | 12b Hasharon St. Tel Aviv
Yossi Breger – Time is not Money //  Sarah Ortmeyer – Kish Kush // Miroslaw Balka, Pierre Bismuth, Shilpa Gupta, Nedko Solakov – Works on paper 
The impressive new space of the Dvir Gallery is about to host another exhibition trio, opening all together this Saturday.  I’m obviously looking forward to discover the photographies of the French/Israeli artist Yossi Breger and the artworks of “Works on paper”, but I’m very excited to see Sarah Ortmeyer’s work. The German artist had few exhibitions at the amazing Meessen De Clercq Gallery in Brussels, and I must say that I’m a huge fan of her installations and sculptures. A must go !
When | January 4th AT 11 am
Where | Reshit Chochma 14, Tel Aviv
Also recommended this weekend :
Zamir Shatz – PosTime : January 2 at Rosenfeld Gallery
Group exhibition – Ingrained in the Material : January 2 at Florentin 45
* Official Press Release
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