When I look back at the 90’s I’m picturing painful boy bands, interesting colourful fashion, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hugh Grant, the funeral of Lady Diana, Tamagotchi, Forrest Gump, Leonardo Dicaprio, Ex-Yugoslavia’s wars, Rachel’s haircut in Friends, and Spice Girls’s popsicle (don’t ask). I would love to pretend that I went through the 90’s with style, but as a kid my concerns at the time were way more basics.


But what about the art world in the 90’s? Or more precisely what about the Israeli art scene in the 90’s? The Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Tel Aviv had the genius idea to organised an event ” Our Own 1990s ” that will present a performance “Arrowed” by Bobbi Jenne Smith (“Arrowed” is an ongoing interview who started in 2010. The performance is mixing theater, music, choreaographies and writting. It’s a piece in mutation, in constant evolution, which brings dance on a lyrical level), and a Panel: “Our Own 1990’s” with Sarit Shapira, Curator of the Yigal Ahuvi Collection, Doron Rabina, Head of Hamidrasha School of Art, Guy Ben Ner, Artist, moderated by Sergio Edelsztein, CCA Director

The mid-1990’s saw a global paradigm shift in art. This change has recently been the focus of exhibitions and studies around the world. In Israel, these changes reflect the acceptance of political and social reality as legitimate subject matter, and the appearance of video, installation, and multidisciplinary practices. The panel will review the local developments in this global trend, and look at the specifics of the Israeli scene“*.

A must go !

When? December 25 AT 7.30pm

Where? 2, Tsadok Ha’Cohen st., Tel Aviv

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