Who was in Art Basel Miami? Surely not me. I was too busy in Tel Aviv taking care of my forever lasting cold, celebrating Saint Nicolas with delicious Belgian chocolates, and wondering why Kanye West was part of a “design dialogue” with Perez Art Museum starchitect Jacques Herzog.

Far away from the Miami Bling, here are some artsy recommendations for the week. Where to go? What to see? Follow the guide.


Foma – Submission 

The STA Gallery and its smart curator Sari Golan Sarig became in few exhibitions a renown art space, a niche for emerging talents and a laboratory for established artists. This week they present Foma, a leading street artist performer who managed to impose her style and aesthetic in an almost strictly masculine scene. Her art has recurrent themes/preoccupations such as sexuality, gender roles, and social norms. For her third solo show, the corpus of work will focus on human relationships through the intimacy of families, couples or community. Her drawings are intense, the continued motion brings a tragic dimension to her art, we have the feeling that the bodies are never resting and in a constant struggle. I’m looking forward to discover “Submission”.

When  | December 12 AT 8 pm

Where | 25, Haaliya Street Tel Aviv 


David Adika – As in Water Face Reflects Face

David Adika is an Israeli photographer who lives and works in Tel Aviv. I never had the chance to see his artworks, I simply discovered him on the Braverman Gallery’s website few months ago when I started the blog, and I founded his aesthetic quiet interesting. This exhibition will present 46 photographs of the same size that Adika took over the last past year. The title and the exhibition itself plays on the idea of reflection and perspectives. The artist only captured still life, decorative objects to be more precise. The work is static, there is no pulse. It could be a metaphor of our daily lives. The objects are used here as the medium reflecting human’s emotions. A mise en perspective to experience.

When  | December 12 AT 8pm

Where |  12b Hasharon St. Tel Aviv


Anat Barzilai – 20.5 C 

I honestly don’t know much about this one week performance, but the ZIZ Art Space is a valeur sûre in the art field in Tel Aviv so I’m really curious to discover it myself. Tropical vibes, text, vidéos, projections. As Anat Barzilai described  the project on her Tumblr it’s ” a life live performance in a makeshift jungle staged in the Tel Aviv based gallery ZIZ Art Space”. If like me you have a hidden passion for green place and an open love for art go have a look.

When  | Gathering December 12 AT 8 pm

Where  | Shvil Ha-Merets 6, Tel Aviv


Sharon Derhy – Room

Derhy is a fashion photographer in Israel. For her first solo show, she will present at the Art Station Gallery a very intimate corpus of works. She is working on it for the last few years and the outcome looks stunning : “Sharon Derhy is exposing her intimate images of beauty and femininity embodying fragility and strength at once. Mastering the natural light to be her palette, Derhy captures the passing time reflected on her objects“*.

When  | December 12

Where  |  HaTachana Compound Manshia (Neve Zedek) – Cabin 14, Tel Aviv

Capture d’écran 2013-12-11 à 12.22.24

Orit Raff – Priming 

I completely love Orit Raff‘s work. The Israeli photographer has a very personal and intimate aesthetic. Through her pictures, videos and installations she succeeded to established a minimalistic style, and to bring the notion of space on another level. Each picture is an experience. She never goes for the obvious angle, and  brings depth to all her clichés. Her solo show at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art will last until May, the perfect opportunity for you to discover her new body of work that : “presents photographs of rooms chosen from novels with cultural, sociological and political references. Like a fictitious photojournalist, she uses her visits to these rooms to discuss the medium of photography. The imaginary photographer represents a hybrid genre that merges straightforward documentary photography with a carefully staged one, in a process that does not necessarily require a camera yet mimics a photographic set linked with the photographic act“**.

When  | December 14

Where  |  27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, Tel Aviv

* Original text

** Original text

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